Best Team Ever Assembled?


Definitely Invicta from Carystus
Is Ranga playing there?


If by therapy you mean a party, yes we booked for this summer. That is something you people don`t understand, when facing TS you are facing a family, people who actually know each other and share their life goods or bad.
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So giving it some thought, if I had to pick, I'd have to say Project Venom (Project Venom, Venom 2.0/Black Venom, Venominimum, Envenom, Final Boss (?), and Zero Fox Given) were/are the best with Eviction Notice being a very close second.

Both teams have had a long range of success including both teams having wins on both a conquest and revolt server. But I think Venom pulls ahead due to two factors.

1) They have better leader quality. This isn't a knock on Eviction Notice but Venom has had Daizan, Big Bad, Gothamsoldier, Dark Highlander, and Miknel. Just to name a few.

2) They've outlasted Eviction Notice. Longevity is important when comparing two of the best alliances. Venom started on Xi and Eviction Notice started on Rho. Eviction Notice had a civil war and ended on Golgi. If we're counting Zero Fox Given, which I believe was a continuation of PV's premise and goals with Gotham and BB leading, then Venom is still alive. I believe you could also count Zero Fox Given vs Masked Profanity as a civil war but both groups are still playing...which also implies that MP is another Venom group or a variation of it. I'll let them clarify if they care to. And then Slyther/n is also still on the table I believe? That would max out at 3 active groups with the main leaders playing in them.

For anyone wondering why I got to these two alliances being the best. Its because they both have assembled some of the best rosters, housed some of the best players and leaders, and notched quality wins in both wars and wonders against good teams. But they also, to the best of my knowledge, are the only teams to notch a win on both styles of conquest. They also can play at different speeds.

Venominium ... lol.


EN for most fast paced revolt worlds..
Syndicate for most slower paced revolt worlds.

For conquest worlds, im not that sure who might that be cause they change alliances and start new ones quite often..

I second this. I think it doesn't really matter revolt or conquer - good alliance succeeds in both.

Concerning "Venom" (from comment above) - Daizan and Miknel led several different alliances, but mostly unsuccessful because of luck (or better to say, no interest) in diplomacy. But it was always entertaining to fight against the whole world,

P.S. Well, probally i've written about most succesfull alliances (EN and The Syndicate).
Does it mean they had best people/"best teams assembled"? Difficult to say. Obviously there were top-people. But also some other alliances were good too. Daizan's teams always were very strong with very good fighters.
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Devil Dogs best alliance, stomped all that came in its path.


I’d have accepted if you’d said BTS but JFL has been washed up since 127

And OV lost to ST

I mean, JFL hasn't even made it to anywhere near an endgame since 127,

128, dropped, couldn't rally anything, conquered and ghosted
130, lead ally to civil war, banned, ally over
132, lol
136, spammed into a ban, chargebacked, ally folded.