Best/worst Iota Alliance names

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    Purpose: I dunno, maybe to inject a bit of humor alongside some critique of the creativity (or lack thereof) of the folks creating alliances on this server.

    Suggestion: If you don't like any alliance with "xxx" in the name, list that as one entry (examples below)...

    Suggested rule: You can't vote for your own alliance name. Unfortunately, I'll have to leave ObamaCare Death Panel off the list for this reason, which saddens me.

    Best name:

    1. Schadenfreude - I too have a sadistic streak, and I'm just totally groovy with a bunch of folks who wear their Marquis de Sade on their sleeves.

    2. inglourious alliance - Any fan of Tarantino is cool with me.

    3. A Verbis Ad Verbera - I like people who are blunt, yet eloquent enough to be subtle.

    4. DieEidgenossen Wing - Deep into Swiss history we go. A one-man-show, unfortunately.

    5. IOTAPUNCHUINTHEMOUTH - Diplomacy != his forte. Humor is, though.

    Worst name:

    1. Anything with Sparta in the name. Yes, I'll have the Sparta Sparta Sparta Eggs Sparta Sparta Sausage and Sparta, with a side of Sparta.

    2. Ninja Spartans - this deserved honorable mention as the single worst application of "Sparta" in an alliance name. Jesus, man, you fighting against the Pirate Athenians? :/

    3. PosljednjaLegija - what'd you do, mash your head into the keyboard in frustration when no one wanted to join your "Warriors of Elite Zuesy Spartan Alliance League" Alliance?

    4. U.S.A. - this guy deserves to be by himself. Wow.

    5. True Blades of Greece - yeah, as opposed to the fake ones?

    I feel compelled to give a shout-out to the guy who actually created an Army of Zeuse on Iota. I don't know if you thought people would jump in on reputation from Eta, but I'd rather think you were just mocking one of the most legendary MRAs ever.
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    well this made me laugh +rep
  3. penguin1634

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    KnightsOfTheOldRepublic - Recently somebody invented the space bar. The founder should learn to use it. otherwiseeverthingisveryhardtounderstand.

    300 Spartans - Maybe they could call it "Spartan Army of Zeus Warriors", but that'd be too original.


    fighters of zues - I get a kick out of alliance names without capital letters. Maybe if I make my alliance name and profile like a text message everyone will join!

    Sparta - Wow. How original. This alliance takes the cake as the worst name ever imagined.
  4. thrillkill

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    Well, you gave us all your negatives, how about some positives?
  5. hohohozez

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    there are no positives in alliance names lol its rare you get a great alliance name like my alliance anything but sparta in alfa. lol jk :) :D
  6. penguin1634

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    Whoops! Forgot :O


    Athenian Republic - Spartan alliances are everywhere, but it's nice to see names with Athens in it, even though they're normally MRAs.

    Shadow Gods - It's just sooooo epic in soooo many ways.

    City Free States of Iota - Nice to see an alliance with an alliancey name.

    Legions of Death - As epic as Shadow Gods, if not more so. Most "Legions of..." alliances are epic. Except for the old Legion of Achilles in world Delta...

    Fate - Sometimes I like simple, one word names. Like Karnage too.
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  7. I personally like:

    1. Ares' Fullon Benover Brigade

    2. The Hoplite Haven

    3. Blood Bath War Whores
  8. MetalCore

    MetalCore Strategos

    Feb 25, 2010
    2.War Path
    3.The Nameless
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  9. raptok

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    There not nameless there name is The Nameless
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  10. Dobby

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    Some guy attempted to make a Grepohugs.

    Cannot stand people who rip off other alliances.
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  11. Vexnel

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    1. A Verbis Ad Verbera (sounds fancay! I just love latin in general)
    2. Athenian Republic (Athena = pwnage)
    3. Legacy (short, sweet, good point)
    4. PlayStation Army (good comedy! Now where's "Barbie Barfighters"?)

    1. Spartas Elite (Sparta... Copied another alliance)
    2. Spartan Knights (stole ending from best alliance and an alright one. Oh, and Sparta)
    3. Spartan Elites (Sparta... at least they can spell right)
    4. Children of the Light II (anything "2...7..." sucks. Nobody ever needs branches, unless they're desperate to be an MRA)
    5. 300 Spartans (only #5, since it's very funny... cap of 60, they'll need 4 more "300 Spartans" alliances to be the 300 spartans...)

    I would put my own as #1, but I'm sure people wouldn't like me for it :p
  12. thrillkill

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    Vex - "A Verbis Ad Verbera" means "From words to blows" - which is also why it's on my list.
  13. Best:

    1. Legacy: Short, sweet, and it gets the point across.
    2. Karnage: Read above.
    3. The Triads of Sparta: At least they didn't call themselves the Ninja Spartans. :rolleyes:


    3. Eternal Pro-warriors- If your members are so pro how come you look like you already need a Brother Alliance to help you?
    4. Destiny/Fate: Who ripped off who?
    5. Alpha Empire: Ummm...guys? I think you missed the turnoff to Alpha, you were supposed to take the left fork.
    6. the BLACK Fleet: Oh sure, the BLACK fleet. Racists. :D
    7. Dark Red: Dark Red what?
  14. Vexnel

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    I had a feeling about that, I knew it meant "from [word-related] to [something]", I'm not skilled in latin.

    And to Myrmidon... Black Fleet isn't racist. I mean, if it was "black feet" I'd understand, but I'm not sure boats can be racist. After all, who'd want a bleached ship!?!? :eek:
  15. Well then how come it's not The White Fleet?

    It's not the boats that are racist, it's the crew. ;)

    Maybe the next few people should rate the names of the Alliances at the bottom. :D
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  16. sparkz104

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    Best alliances
    1. The Philosophes
    2.Athenian Republic
    3.PlayStation Army

    Worst Alliances
    1. Spartan Elites
    2.eLiTe SHADOW (just because they dont know how to use the shift key properly)
    3.Karnage War Academy
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  17. littleblazey

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    I like Legacy and Vortex especially =)
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  18. jarpenguin

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    Live free or die (they forgot something 0.o)
  19. That's the state of New Hampshire's official motto.

    Its on their license plates....

  20. thrillkill

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    Hell yeah. Don't be hating on NH.
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