Best/worst Iota Alliance names

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    Worst Names:

    greeks - wow original
    the sausage boy - no comment man your on your own
    the legends of grepolis - really i see that you are inactive
    therunning fat boy - -_-
    the shaolin alliance - mate this is set in greece
    Dead and Glory - more like Dead and Gory
    aaaaaaaaaaa - aaaaahhhhh! why are you screaming!
    alpha hoplights - 1 we are not in alpha, 2 thats not how you spell hoplites
    Arrows of Apollo 2 - what happened to the first Arrows of Apollo
    KARNAGE II - no guys its not part of the Karnage trilogy
    League of Immortals - Really because I attacked you and you havent got any points since.
    The Geek Federation - ya serves you right
    War Path Alliance - yes people a spoof up of War Path
    Deadliest Warriors- More like dead warriors and you only have one members

    I stopped on rank 881 in world alliances if you want check below that.

    After That I got bored to go through the list.
    -zzzzzz- -_-
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    I wouldn't be accusing them of bad spelling :D
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    is sig worthy.
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  4. sereton

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    Jan 15, 2010

    I mailed him saying I am a long serving member of grepohugs (wich I was) and made him change it ,. he cahnged it to carpe junglum , then changed it to some other alliance on gamma , I don't know what his problem is trying to copy other alliances.
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    English is not my first language. It is tamil.

    and i made this in a hurry before i went to a match.:pro:
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  6. does anyone else find this rather ironic?

    The absolute lowest ranked alliance in Iota is called: empirus maximus?
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    Went through you list -and did not see my Alliances name on here- even though it was not listed as a good one at least it did not make the bad name list-lol :p
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  9. Heh the same could be said about WRaTH for that matter

    and I second that *thumbs up*
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    ILLYRIAN EMPIRE - Again with the caps lock >:|

    300 Spartans - Wow. You win the award for the most original alliance name ever. I am impressed with your creativity! You must be like an army of accountants or telemarketers or other creative professionals!

    kings of gods - Another impressive alliance name. Looks like someone forgot where the Shift key is!

    LEONIDAS - God, there are quite a few alliances out there that are stuck on caps lock, am I right or am I right?
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    here are some baddies

    immortal noobs175 points

    hlpe175 points

    flash i mean what the 175 points

    THE ULTIMATE ALLIANCE caps. but amazing how did they come up with such a creative name
    (175 points) .

    kingsofgods88 space bar please. might want to check and see if other alliances have the same name.

    alliance seriously i cant believe that your an alliance 175 points.

    beta this is iota if you havent noticed. 175
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    L o l

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    here we go:

    Elite Shadows- really? Shadows really can't be 733t, can they?

    LEGION- original

    Athenian Elite- very original

    Shadow Gods of Olympus- once again, shadows?

    The Crimson Knights- at least crimson can be describe the color of blood. still, knights? FAIL.

    KnightsOfTheOldRepublic- Can appreciate the out of place star wars reference, but way out of place and if you folks have lightsabers, we are all in trouble.

    Eternal Myrmidons- skipped cause at least i had to google it.

    Fellowship 0F The Death- skipped due to lack of interest at this point, but really, who does not like death?

    Karnage- (sp)!

    THE HIVE- screams we are trouble, kill us quick

    Alpha Empire- "Farva is number one!"

    65th Ocean Fleet- not relevant and not cool! sounds too much like a force of subjection that makes me want to plant things in your path.

    Mindless reflections. I am here for the bp. Attack me.
  14. There's some bad ones out there....

    "Momma's Little Hoplites"

    "Dynamic Contempt"

    "This Space For Rent"

    and my personal favorite: ""The Blood Monkeys"
  15. chalna

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    you just made that up here are ridicoulous names

    greek pigs of war.

    barney is awesome.

    the spartan elite

    the i quit alliance. why take the time to rename you just quit

    65th ocean fleet. sounds like a bunch of boats not an alliance
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    my alliance was made before Eite Shadows :O
  17. chalna

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    no offence but it's still a lame name you should seriously change it
  18. Worst: Fellowship 0F the Death - Really? 0F The? Learn English please. Plus 'death' is way to overused in alliances.

    Best: Las Islas de Pertinax - I'm not sure why, but alliances in other languages always sound better to me. :)
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  19. Redcarp

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    Momma's Little Hoplites

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  20. darklazerman

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    Most likly.

    Or Grepolis' best :p