Betas Best/Worst

Kidd Calver

Best Alliances
1- Molon Labe: Their work in Ocean54 has been impressive, and when we had a run-in with one of their members their diplomat was helpful and quick to respond, even if their larger players do appear to be laws unto themselves.
2- Phenomen: They give off the impression of being powerful and professional, although I haven't met any members in game yet so I can't say this with certainty.
3- Wrath of the Dead Rabbit: I got on well with their leader during discussions, and they have an impressive size, though I can't comment on their cohesion.

Best Players
These would all be in my alliance so it doesn't matter :Smile:

Best Leader
1- Yondo: Even though UAE administration is lacking in some places, and they haven't been my favourites (see below) he certainly does well to maintain any semblance of order on an alliance of that size.

Most Promising Alliance
1- Molon Labe: I can't see them slowing their growth at any time in the near future.

Worst Alliance
1- F Town: A now disbanded alliance that was once near us. They gave us plenty of smack talk and bolts, then when we started to tear them to pieces they ran and tried to hide in other alliances. There's now only one left, and he has so few points he isn't worth the colony ship.
2- Army of Aliens: It's amazing how quickly they've dropped in Ocean54, from the attacks of other alliances and their leader quitting.
3- United Aegean Empire: We have a list of complaints against them which show them to be a haphazard mob more than an alliance. Stealing towns which we've cleared with difficulty, uncoordinated attacks on our cities and most unforgivably it's completely impossible to talk to anyone with any status. Stronger players seem to do what they like and weaker ones shout from the sidelines, ready to tap their big brothers on the shoulder if they get scared. They've come across as disunited and arrogant, but I suppose much of that comes from their size.

Worst Players
Members of F Town. They didn't know when to keep their mouths shut and now they're gone :pro:

Worst Leader & Most Hyped
1- I've forgotten his name, and the alliance :Unhappy:, it was Legion or Legio Nuke or something, seems a long time ago.

Yea, that'll do (dip)
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