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It has been two weeks since the world opened and it the world is shaping quite nicely. First and foremost, there has not been a lot of changes in the rankings. Most of the alliances that were on the Top 12 last week are still there. The war between RedNeck Avengers and Panic Attacks is now giving us something to talk about. Also, Repossession Agents is at war with the ROMAN REPUBLIC and Co.​


Panic Attack
A few days ago the leaders of Panic Attack, KingN0thing, mat640 and iCrowned, left the alliance leaving Achilles Gardian alone to lead the alliance. I interviewed both KingN0thing and Achilles Gardian.
You claimed that KingN0thing was a spy for RedNeck Avengers, when did you learned this?
A couple of days ago I think, when he told me.

Why did mat640 and iCrowned left the alliance?
Mat left because of family issues. I have heard in the external that he uses that excuse a lot when he quits worlds. As for iCrowned, I am not sure. He might have felt out of the loop as Mat only told me about leaving and not him, making me founder without consulting iCrowned. I asked but didn't get a clear answer, maybe leadership wasn't what he wanted or was fed up with PA. You'll have to ask him for a more definitive answer

I am sure their leave created some chaos in the alliance, how are the players holding up?
Yes we have had many players leave, mainly to RedNeck Avengers. It is funny how many people on the externals call PA an MRA when most of our players that have left, have gone to a single alliance, RedNeck Avengers. Anyways, there is usually chaos early in worlds when there is little loyalty. Most alliances that do very well are pre-mades because they already have that loyalty and confidence which is essential for an alliance to prosper. I think we are turning it around though, and will have a good future here.
Achilles Gardian claims that you were a spy for RedNeck Avengers, is this true?
I prefer the term information broker.

Were you an information broker from the start or was there something that led you to become one?
Aye, poor leadership and mistrust in the ability of PA led me towards preserving self-interests. Doom seemed more like a leader and he was far more aggressive than Mat.

If you see Doom as a good leader why did you left his alliance?
I was kicked by WooDoo Hunter for my actions as a spy, thus going back on his word.

Do you think Achilles Gardian will do a better job than Mat?
AG has the leadership potential of a mouse according to the members currently within PA; yes that’s right I still have friends within PA.


RedNeck AvengersvsPanic Attack

Repossession AgentsvsROMAN REPUBLIC and Co.


Ocean 44
The top 3 alliances in Ocean 44 (Impervious B*stards, Toxic, Fully Equipped Elite) are all located on the southeast part of the map with Fully Equipped Elite sandwiched between Impervious B*stards in the south and Toxic to the north. No conquests have been made so far between these 3 alliances. Bambi has already lost several cities to IB and FEE and giving their location they will not last long.
Impervious B*stards
Fully Equipped Elite

Ocean 54
The top 3 alliances in Ocean 54 (RedNeck Avengers, Panic Attack, The Olympians) are all spread out within the ocean. RA currently has over 180 cities whereas PA only has 84, which does not help their chances of survival.
RedNeck Avengers
Panic Attack
The Olympians

Ocean 45
Similar to Ocean 44 most of the population in Ocean 45 is located in the northeast side of the ocean. Given that Freedom Fighter and ROMAN EMPIRE are allied not much action will be seen in this ocean for a long time.
Band of Brothers
Freedom Fighter

Ocean 55
The top 3 alliances in Ocean 55 (Repossession Agents, Dynamic, ROMAN REPUBLIC) are not as spread as the alliances in Ocean 54 but much more close to each other. This could give them time to grow and strengthen their core that is if they can last that long.
Repossession Agents


It has been a little over a month since Druvi created the Petition to Remove Instant Buy and so far 238 players have signed it. For this week I decided to ask players what they thought about Instant Buy and here is what they had to say.

What is your opinion about Instant Buy?
I agree with the forums. Gold in and of itself makes it too easy to buy your way to the top as demonstrated by the first day or so of a new world opening. With the advent of instant buy, you increase that advantage. Where is the skill in the game and the strategy if someone can instantly buy not only resources from the market, but then instantly turn them into units to send out in an attack. When you put a situation like that against a player who does not have the income to compete and plays the game in its true sense it's just a matter of time before the gold buyer wins regardless of how good the non-gold user is.

Does it ruin the game?
I think any time where you have a situation where not everyone can play on an equal footing the game is flawed. In this situation, its gold buying. Inno should redesign the game so that gold is not such a huge factor. There are many games out there that do so. World of Tanks/Airplanes/Warships among a couple. I understand Inno is in it for the money and they are making a ton of it, but they are just taking advantage of people with more money than sense.


What is your opinion about Instant Buy?
I'm a bit mixed on Instant Buy. It’s a definite advantage for gold users vs non-gold users. You can, in theory, "pay your way" up to the top at the beginning and move along faster than other players. That said, unless someone is spending A LOT of money on gold, I don't think you can necessarily become untouchable. Its expensive as hell to use consistently. As someone who admittedly used it to build my first city quickly to revolt capacity, that sort of gold spending is just not sustainable unless you have super super deep pockets. Instant Buy on troops is just the same, you can build a nuke quickly, but to sustain that type of building is pretty difficult so those users will, eventually, fall back to earth. Once the world is established and people have more cities, I think any advantage this provides will be a lot more balanced out by other factors and gamesmanship. In the end, you have to be a good player to revolt a city and take it, regardless of how much gold you use.

Does it ruin the game?
As for whether this is ruining the game, I am not sure I have enough perspective to comment on that. Pandosia was my first world, this is really my second world. You could use gold in the previous world and do the same with the exception of the "instant construction." It doesn't surprise me Inno wants to make money, that is what their purpose is. As I said above, I tend to believe that gold or not, you have to be good to be good. City counts, being part of an active-well functioning alliance like Repo, and good game play will trump pure gold use every time and in the end, will likely cause the person who used it to lose a whole lot of money.


What is your opinion about Instant Buy? Do you think it is ruining the game?
I'm also against Instant Buy, it gives a huge advantage to players who use it, however, if gold trading [for resources] is available it's a completely different story. If you focus on trading, you can get a lot of gold without spending money and then use Instant Buy as well. Believe it or not, I haven't spent a penny on this server and I'm doing pretty well, imagine if I would. At the end, a game without using gold would be a perfect one, but I guess it's not possible.


The leprechaun.
What is your opinion about Instant Buy? Do you think it is ruining the game?
Yep I agree, it's ruining the game, lots say this is their last server because of this, the old system was good enough and I think Inno are getting greedy. It was much easier to half a building time for 25 gold and this allowed you to progress just as fast for a cheaper price. the gold trading just showed how people would buy resources for stupid money in a panic. I got 45 trades of 100 stone for 10 gold in one day and was able to buy resources at 800 stone for 10 which did help me grow quicker. Having gold with this new system will make it harder to take cities from bigger players and morale won't really count.


What is your opinion about Instant Buy?
I have actually enjoyed the Instant Buy; however, I do see a long term problem. Once we have larger number of cities and you want to conquer an enemy, they will be able to instantly buy troops and rebuild walls. This will make it very difficult later in the game.

Do you think it is ruining the game as they claim? Why or why not?
With this aspect I do think it will take the fun out of attacking, so yes, I would agree that they will negatively impact the game. We play this game for the attacking prowess and the strategic fun. If someone can simply buy all they need, then it becomes a game for the wealthy alone and fewer people will play.


What is your opinion about Instant Buy? Do you think it is ruining the game?
I used Instant Buy for my initial city only in the race to achieve conquest and have not used it since. I look at my active neighbor who started this world at the same time as me and ten days after I realized conquest he is just reaching a point total that denotes he is ready to conquer. Unfair? From his point of view absolutely and I can sympathize with him. Unfortunately Inno has created an atmosphere wherein you have to pay to compete and those who think they are joining a "free" online game wise up when the tutorial asks them to buy the services of the Administrator.....hence all of the inactives under 1k. I believe it will ruin the game unless they can offer worlds of premium/non-premium along the same vein as revolt/conquest.


What is your opinion about Instant Buy? Do you think it is ruining the game?
Yes, I agree with that, they destroy more games because of immediate action by the use of gold. It makes little fun.



This weeks winner: iMrCornetto

Pick a number from -∞ to ∞.
Prize: 300 Battle Points + 5 Wedding spells!

Bonus: First person to correctly guess my number gets resources and battle points for life*
*Must play Bhrytos and have more than 100,000 points by next week.


+rep, good read.

But I gotta say between your recent attitude to Rock5 and your little self indulgent spot where you bullied resources out of a player, it's a little reminiscent of years ago when I was a youngster watching WWE (or WWF as it was at that time). When Brett Hart decided to change from an all american hero to an anti hero.

Perhaps you should rethink your strategy C4, you've always had the best newspapers, but you might be starting to slip slightly.


Thanks for the BP and res :)

Good read, enjoyed the bit on instabuy; interesting to see peoples opinions.

I'll take 420 this time please.


Lol nice read! But atleast Rock gives you props for a good job unlike well you know.....(SW) 069 :pro: 100000 points
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the bat

Why not I will take 17. Good read too appreciate the efforts you guys put in but rarely post saying it. Keep up the good work .