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Week 3 is the best week we have seen yet. Panic Attack went into panic mode and disbanded after most of its leaders abandoned ship and left Achilles Gardian to deal with the mess. With Panic Attack gone the RedNeck Avengers focused their attention on A Foolish Consistency a fairly new alliance to reach the top 12. RA’s first operation against AFC was massive considering the age of the world and definitely one of the best things that has happened yet. This week we also saw Repossession Agents conquer more than 50 cities and many of those came from the ROMAN REPUBLIC and Co.​


A Foolish Consistency
Not much is known about you guys, are you a pre-made alliance?
Like in so many other alliances, we started here in Brythos individually and then found some old friends when wandering around the map. Most of us have been around in Dyme, Taras or Zancle, so you could think of us a a bunch of friends-who-know-some-friends. There's even some ex-mortal enemies from other servers in our team, but when you respect each other as an enemy, why not as a friend.

The war against RedNeck Avengers, when and how did it start?
There's no real starting point, I think. RedNeck Avengers are by far the biggest alliance in our ocean, and it's only natural that they want to secure their core. We just happened to be in their core and we're happy to stay there!

Looking at the stats you guys have gained over 60k DBP in only 3 days and have only lost 1 city, any thoughts or comments?
We've been attacked extensively in the last 3 days by RA, with at some point more of our cities in revolt that I could count on my 2 hands. However, we have been able to snipe and kill almost all of their CS's, apart from one that got through. On the other hand, we've taken 2 RA cities, so the score is now AFC-RA: 2-1. It's all good fun though, and I think these kinds of battles are exactly why most of us are addicted to this game so much: strategy, planning, placing troops around like on a chess board ... it's been intense but awesome!

RedNeck Avengers
It looked like A Foolish Consistency popped out of nowhere into the top 12, did that caught you by surprise or were you already aware of them?
No. We have watched them since they were created like any other alliance or player or city in O54.

You just had your first operation against them and only managed to conquer one city, do you think you guys underestimated them?
No we didn't underestimate them at all. But I think this question is overestimating AFC. If that alliance were defending themselves then I would say I'm surprised at the amount of Defensive units they had. But they are not the only ones who were supporting them cities, Other alliances also supported them too so AFC don't deserve the credit. We use firepower. we are not a defensive alliance. we don't go after inactive players. we go after what we think are good players. We had another target xoraites who the second was put on our ops list activated VM (he most have been informed from an insider) if one of my team members did that I would have kicked him out as a coward.

Now that you guys have faced them do you think things will be different the next round?
There is no next round- its every single day - Them first attacks were to assess my own players on who to keep and who to kick based on activity and participation. Rednecks will be top of ABP as that's how we role. AFC will be most likely top of DBP soon enough but its more fun sending out attacks then building Defence


RedNeck AvengersvsA Foolish Consistency

Repossession AgentsvsROMAN REPUBLIC and Co.

Impervious B*stardsvsToxic


Ocean 53
Whatever you like it has the most cities in the ocean but they are also spread all over Ocean 54 which is not a good thing. The Elite on the other hand, lead by none other than J.n.c. and we all know how successful alliances are when led by mods (yeah I’m looking at you Baudin), looks like its doing a decent job and though they are low on players they have managed to climb up in the ABP ranks.
Whatever you like it
The Elite

Ocean 64
It is very rare to see a lower sister alliance do better than the main alliance and yet that is the case with Fully Equipped Virus mainly due to their location. In a few weeks we shall see if they can do better than their big sister.
Fully Equipped Virus
Dark Fire

Ocean 65
Island Warriors has the most cities in the ocean but that did not stoped Winter Wolves from taking one of them. Winter Wolves is also ahead in ABP which suggest that they are an aggressive bunch and Ocean 64 could be their in the near future.
Island Warriors
Winter Wolves
Dynamic Duo



This weeks winner: wheredevil

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  • ³Must play Bhrytos.

Sorry for the short issue this week.Issue four is going to be twice as long (that's what she said).