Big Cuddly Bears


Big Cuddly Bears​

An Uber MRA that dosn't like lots of people in one alliance.

Based in 055

recruitment- message me we will get to know each other then you can join.
nice people that can play. for now based in 055

two years on and off playing.
beta- Polo(Phoenix of Carthage)
epsilon- ShadowDancer(seriously enlightened)
rethy- DICe09. Founded Inglorious Basterds

now here under Boop4U.

this alliance will be aggressive, any provocation will come to war (always fun).
I hope this alliance will be a good bunch of people, with good humor.
it will run on full alliance decisions run by surveys, as to keep the members happy with each decision made. majority rules.

diplomacy- i hate wings none of them will happen, max 2 pacts at a time to keep it fun.(don't expect it to last long)

ally cap- the only reason we would ever reach the cap is if all the players are active and meet requirements that will change over time.