I can never spell the word buiscuits right, so here is my chance to learn it. Also, biscuits deserve to be named after, with their golden juicy sweetness! And most of all, biscuits are freakin' deadly.

This will not a be a serious alliance. It will be an easy going, relaxed, fun, yet aggressive alliance. I have a little bit of free time now that my RL is settled and I'm out of sports for a few months. I'll be able to manage this and AweShock (Naxos) at the same time. If not, I'll appoint other leaders to help me out.

So, if you want to join, head South-West. Ask me on here or ingame. I will let anyone join. We will be an "elite" MRA. Sounds weird, but doesn't the word biscuit, too? xD

We will get as many members as possible, then kick out the burnt biscuits. We like to have nice n' juicy ones.

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I seriously am a professional biscuit puncher. I was eating in the cafeteria and someone threw a biscuit in my general direction. With ninja speed, I lobbed a punch at it and it flung across the room (it was a big room). The superintendent thought it was my friend, and he had to clean up the cafeteria. Good times...


Awesome :)

Message me ingame when you get there, and I'll invite you.


You're better of joining an MRA than this alliance, just llike MRA's spyder alliances fail only differance is mra failures are little less high profile.
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when you kick the "burnt biscuits" can you do me a favor and have a trade mark line like "and thats the way the cookie crumbles" :D


I don't always fail,
and when I do, it is still a fun experience while it lasts.

But seriously daizan, stop coming to all of my alliance threads so you can "warn" people about it.

And Dallen12, we are joining as soon as possible. As soon as it opens.


Now i'm not positive, but i believe daizan is trying to tell everyone