Black Blood ocean's -56- and 55


Hi my username is ckcot and I recently founded an alliance called Black Blood. Currently we are located in ocean 56 and starting to populate ocean 55. We are not a MRA alliance and I hope that we never will be.

Only requirements -
1.ocean 56 or 55
2.500 points minimum
3.willing to risk troops to help out other nearby alliance members
4. No refugees, contact us after your war or wars if you still want to join

If you really want to join and your in another ocean, message me why and i'll consider it. Although I'd prefer you didnt because nobody would be able to support you if you need it.

Contact me in-game or just post on this thread if you'd like to join.

Thomas The Magnificent

Ignore Skully, he gets excited about new neighbours.

Welcome to Tau & Grepo, good luck!