Black Ice - Recruitment (Oricos)

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Hello everyone,

I know none of you will know me...... let me introduce myself! I'm Oliver, Ollie for short, and recently I've been playing after a break of 3/4 years.
I'm writing here today to 'advertise' for my newly forming alliance on Oricos. Looking for active players, preferably experienced with the game & mechanics though as long as your active you'll be a great fit for the team. Will be a closely strung alliance, with zero tolerance for non-participating or engaging players.

Though I am no heroic grepolis player whose name is etched into the hall of fame; I can fend for myself & am competent enough. Although I can't boast being within the top 10 players in the world, I would like to boast my tactically co-ordinated mind, as well as my organisational & logical thought processes.

If anyone is interested, please shoot me a message here over on the forums, or in-game as 'Ollie0811'.
Would be invaluable for me to have some more experienced players than myself to help manage & coordinate the alliance - as I'm a big believer that teamwork endlessly boosts ability, though I'm prepared to burden the entire workload if needed.

Just joined the world myself, have a few invite spots on my island or others nearby - situated in O44 where the competition hasn't picked up just yet.

Thanks, and all the best.