Blast from The Past


Thanks Chriss for link of that PnP. Really good read, i do not see that class of PnP anymore.


The Kings Blade merged into Semper-Fi. I was in them for a short time, and that is hwere I got the idea for the "you know you've been playing grepolis too long" thread.

Hephastetus rage I was also in but all I know is that their main leader quit.

Nazgul had a backstabber who kicked everybody out. They eventually conquered him. Contact Gibbowo for more info
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I always wonder from where did these MRA like 420s, Semper Fi, SWAT, Pantheon and Justice came from? If anyone have clue, do let me know.


Hephastetus Rage

From the fifth dawn
Where? When? How?

Want me to write another PnP?

not as large as the last one...just 6 players picked up from hephaestos rage aparently

Also this might be helpful, Bjamer founded SWAT not 8kin. I could try and get an invite and investigate but they kicked me recently :(


The Kings Blade merged into Semper-Fi. I was in them for a short time, and that is hwere I got the idea for the "you know you've been playing grepolis too long" thread...

Ah, I remember, I was at war with TKB at the time. I flipped when they merged into Semp-Fi. :supermad:

Still carried the war on.

Memories brought back...exactly what this thread is made to do :)


I always wonder from where did these MRA like 420s, Semper Fi, SWAT, Pantheon and Justice came from? If anyone have clue, do let me know.

I will answer for The Pantheon. We were 4 alliances that bordered what was to us at the time, was a massive alliance The Cynocephaly. :eek: Gone now.
Those that merged were -=KMD=-, Forsaken Legion, Holy Romans and Olympians of Zious.

From the start we kept the invitation rights to only the leadership. However, someone tagged us as an MRA. That person was/is well respected by those in the elite alliances, thus once that occurred, there was no escaping it.

I have not seen to much of the MRA status lately. However, it continues (in a different form) even after the most recent merge which resulted in DeJa Vu. Still some of the elitist in here put the control of this alliance in the hands of those that were taken in, as equals.

Whatchagonnado :p LOL

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I dont know how Semper-Fi started, but I started in FLUX, which was founded by Aguirre and juanune, and we merged into Semper-Fidelis around May 2010, just after The Killer Blades merged.


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I was going to talk about the huns bit they never got high in the rankings. Are you still playing Gamma anmolr?


Rank 1: SWAT
Last month rank: Not ranked.
It seems like they just came out of nowhere. Could not find any information about how they formed or they have any ancestry from the previous lists of alliances. Since they are still here (although i do not know whether any of the original founders are still here or not), founder of this alliance should come forward and take blame for it.

8kin + Bjamer formed SWAT, after the founder of Pegasus (Mra) decieded to quit and no one in the alliance had any powers to do anything. I was one of the ones who left pegasus to join them.

Back in the begining being in a Mra was fun..... Then I grew up :p

Think they have reached a landmark of 3000 aliance changes recently so definatly a long lasting MRA
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Wow this is a brilliant thread!!! Now i know what happend with most of the alliances. Maybe from this we can work out the future merges.

I think i don't know much about Royle Tiger. I started playing when they started falling apart.


This weekend Tyroncs. I am adding few extra things also to keep it spiced up

On Epsilon early in I made a history thread with politics and so forth. Maybe this could be done here.

And instead of calling me tyroncs you can call me T-dawg lol


Welcome to recent update of "Blast from the Past" thread. I first like to thank guys who posted information in this thread. Also i like to specially thank Jamie and Chrss for their help in keeping this thread updated.

I am starting a new section in this thread called "Oh No You Didn't" in which i put a quote from post from Top 12 alliance discussion thread.

Date: 04/19/2010

Rank 1: Semper Fidelis
Last month rank: Rank 7.
Location: Started as MRA, now mostly in O64/O74
Kings Blade and Flux merged to form grand MRA Semper Fidelis/Semer Fi/SF. They have distinct acclaim for being only top 12 alliance to be disbanded twice by spys. Their current leader Biscayne is trying hard to remove inactive and noobs and now it seems it can get rid of its MRA tag.

Rank 2: Serpentine Medea
Last month rank: Rank 2.
Location: They were based on O46 and O45 (partial).
One of few elite alliance since early days of this server. They lost many good player due to inactivity and morale system, but stayed on top due to selective recruiting and merger. Force Recon merged into them and then few members of Hephaestuses Rage also merged. They recently merged in Grepohugs.

Rank 3: SWAT
Last month rank: Rank 1.
Location: MRA, they are everywhere. Highest density in O43/O44/O53.
Bjamer and 8kin formed SWAT. No more information about them. If SWAT leader is reading this, please take part in discussion and enlighten us about your history.

Rank 4: The Illuminati
Last month rank: Rank 3.
Location:Always located in O56/O66.
Illuminati formed after disbanding of Condemnd by its founder KarmaKaze. They followed it by partial merger of Piraeus and Cynocephaly into Illuminati. They are the one of the few alliance who were in top 12 from the start (first Condemned and then Illuminati). Others who were in top 12 since beginning are SM and GH.

Rank 5: GrepoHugs
Last month rank: Rank 6.
Location: Not sure where they started but after merger I hate sandcastle are spread in O34/O44/O54/O55.
Similar to Serpentine Medea they survived inactivity and Morale system by smart recruitment form Najgul/Revenge of Najgul/Killer Bunnies. (I am sure they recruit from other alliance also, so any other information will be much appreciated). They further get boost of life by merger of Serpentine Medea into them. Recently eclipse quit and took name with him. They change name to Nameless for short period of time and now they are called I Hate SandCastle. They are fighting against CJ and loosing players and war. Their elite status, greatness and low recruiting standard is being questioned.

Rank 6: 420s
Last month rank: Rank 5.
Location: Do not know where they started but now spread out. Highest density in O53/O57/O63/O64/O74
One of three MRA longest lasting MRA (along with SWAT and semper fi). They have one top 10 player (ggc1) and few other good one. Trying hard to get rid of MRA tag.

Rank 7: Achean League
Last month rank: Rank 9.
Demon Law Breakers disbanded and formed Achaean League. In time Achaean League also disbanded and better player from them formed Orion elite. Later on Orion Elite merged to Nightmare of Elysium along with The Vigilante Pirates to form Fusion. Remaining player of Achaean League merged with Sands of Time to form Orion. Orion and Akkadian Empire then merged to form Sentinels of Valhalla.

Rank 8: Revenge of Nazgul
Last month rank: Rank 11.
Location: (Started in O54, only few left in that ocean, now mostly located in O63 and few are in O62, O73, O74 and O52)
Nightshroud formed Nazgul during early days of Gamma. They were dominant in O54 and had few skirmish with GH. When Nightshroud become active, one of his friend disbanded Nazgul. Remaining players formed Revenge of Nazgul lead by Erilandur. After a month or two Erilandur took best player from Revenge of Nazgul and merged to GH and remaining player formed Killer Bunnies. They recruited few good player from Adrastos and Semper Fi. They fought with Adrastos and cleared them from O63 and recently won against War Path.

Rank 9: Sands of Time
Last month rank: Not Ranked.
One of the first MRA. Based on my research they went on to form Orion after partial merger from Achean League's remaining player. Later on Orion and Akkadian Empire merged to form Sentinels of Valhalla.

Rank 10: Justice
Last month rank: Not ranked.
No information about their history. They were fighting with LoE and DU and finally disbanded. Few of elite players formed Dark Angels and Anarchy Collective.

Rank 11: Carpe Jugulum
Last month rank: Not ranked.
Hey TigerBear, BlueJay or PrinceSilk, can you please provide some information about your alliance

Rank 12: Hephaestuses Rage
Last month rank: Rank 12.
Hephaestuses Rage merged to SM. If someone have any other information about them please reply in this thread.

Alliances lost in translation
1. Achaemenid Empire: Got disbanded by Ryanword08, because of bad leadership of Mitra. You get get more information by reading mitra's squabble on Top 12 alliance discussion forum.
2. Death Knights: Disbanded early on, few good ones get in Nightmare of Elysium and rest scattered in other alliance. Some might end up Fusion or Deja Vu or Pantheon.
3. Force Recon: They fought hard with SM and later on better player from FR merged into SM. For more information please read this PnP (thanks Chrss for this link)
4. The Kings Blade: Kings Blade merged into Semper Fi
5. Royal Tiger: After multiple leadership changes they changed into a small MRA Rise of the Phoneix. Grepolis is calling its founder Emperor Bob to come forward and explain what he was thinking when he formed this alliance.

People should come forward please to take blame of these failure please.
6. Hades Warriors:
7. The Spartan Alliance:
8. Realm of Darkness:
9. Followers of Ares:

Oh No You Didn't
3 The Illuminati ~ Good alliance, I like their leader, but I expect it to fade.
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For the Illuminati. Add NacMcFeegles merged into The Illuminati (it was a full merge, although only like 10 players anyway)

Death Knights disbanding had a lot to do with pressure from Condemned...I would know, I used to be in DK :D

EDIT: Yogesh, I have an idea. Maybe you could also track down the general ocean locations so people have a better geographical visual.
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Good idea Chrss, if guys tell me where these alliance were situated (at the time of ranking) i will put that information also.
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