bolting wars

joe strunks

hi people does anyone apart from me think that the bolting wars is just a cowards attack because the mighty alliance of the doa has started bolting me yesterday and today they havent got the guts to attack my cities so they have got players like platypus rex from oceans away to throw stones over the ocean at me am i that much a threat that they have to result in these stupid attacks i havent bolted a player since i was a wee girl just starting out with a brand new temple suppose some people dont learn whats your views on this

Rooster Jones

I am not a fan of bolting wars... but bolts are a part of the game...

I get bolted quite a bit in Iota.

Consider it a compliment... it means you've got them scared.


Well Joe I am beginning to think Platypus is a special kind of individual. He seems either to be a multi, inactive, or just plain bad. He has never taken a city that was actively defended and seems to have lost quite a few. Still more were gifted. 19 cities and 53 colonizations is a pretty skewed number. His Bp is atrocious for 200K points and that many exchanges and judging from his forum posts, it seems he might be looking to find a way to be relevant and this is it. I would just humor him until we reach his remote area, at which time he will either retreat or quit to save himself the shame of the quick exit he would receive from us.

Admir the Hoplite

And whats interesting is that this were just 3 bolts,not 1000 xD..I know joe is easly provoked and lets just say I like to provoke my father for no reason xD..Imma probably stop bolting but theres no way I'm a multi acc!
My bolting habit dates back from GK when I had 50k points,I love bolting steve spragg,and I even more liked bolting v1(no offense,that was almost a year ago)xDD
And of those 53 colonizations,52 are from the old acc owner while from those 19 conquers 4 are myne :p
As for the unguarded cities,tell that to Thessalose xD I loved attacking him even took my first city in the game xD
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