Border Marauders


we will share the island...come for us...give us all the wood / silver / lumber return..we will let you live


I spoke to micheal just now - he says he was misquoted.

Share islands with us - we both benefit!! And stop painting us as red flags!


Guest You seem to have picked the worst information possible to post. This is showing that hes good for figuring out online times and keeping track of them.

Contract is kinda silly

That master claims list has got to be crazy to keep up with for the moderator.

He put up a priority Op on an island?! I'm sure he isnt the first so umm...instead of proving that he was a noob or something of the sort you proved that you are a complete noob due to not knowing what could possibly be good information.
btw...sorry..but that was only page one of five of the claim list -all cities must have a cs launched within forty eight hours- the spy can indeed verify this....

i have to say - if i was looking for a publicity agent to show how organized and efficient we are ...xxmaidenxx - did a great job of that


we do support our weaker players........ they ask for resources it is sent to them..
do not judge us if you have no more then this stuiped intel.......

may i also add? that if you were not scared of us, nor if you considered us a threat you would not of gathered this intel.........


i have to say - if i was looking for a publicity agent to show how organized and efficient we are ...xxmaidenxx - did a great job of that
Clive is VERY organized. He always has been. He always will be.

He's also a boring old man who saps every ounce of fun out of this game.

He always has been. He always will be.

If you ever want to remove any sense of humor, fun, enjoyment, personality, and friendship from this game.... go to Clive, and he will teach you how. But note that, once everyone gets sick and tired of him... they will leave him... and he will leave whatever world he is playing on to move on to something else.

Clive's techniques win him cities, but no friends... and he will always absolutely fail... unless it is as a part of an alliance in which he is not on the leadership staff, and more interesting people are.

Scott knew this well, Clive. He laughed at you behind your back.

The purpose of the thread?

For Clive to understand that there are many people watching him internally who will gladly make public any information they should choose to.

Is anything here confidential?

Absolutely not.

Maybe Clive WANTED this to be made public.

As long as individuals suspect Clive wears a Jester's hat, I am unconcerned.

There will be much more to come later.
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OUCH your words hurt im sure clive is sitting on his chair laughing at you right now
i know i would be....
so if your not even on this server why are you in this servers forum....
or what are you expecting to come from your rubbish intel above lol
starting wars... a bit of conflict....dont think so pal


...why did the rooster....wait..that's not it..why would a

man...i was told this joke before...oh yea

what chicken did road and because....

geeze....i guess he is right..i have no sense of humour

i can tell you what...i find that whole post...the funniest thing i have ever seen


I love clive;)
I just dont get where people are coming out with the stuff they are about him and this alliance! Clive is amazing and is a great leader!
We are not at all mean, you guys just came onto this page asking for some dirty remarks from BM players. We are a team and support each other and our leader! None of you guys are nice, and war games arent meant to be nice but there should be a level of respect ppl! Grow up and leave him alone and ya wouldnt hear "mean" things from our players.... and trust me the player who gave up this intel will wish they never had! and just remember, u could have one too:)!!!!
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i am mean..i am mean..i am mean....

i really want you all to hate me...geeze...damn this thread took a wrong turn

i want people to attack me all day...all night...pleeeeaaasseeeeeee


this is how much my alliance hates me



whatever u say mr. I hate this alliance! Every1 should attack clive!


and as for what you said earlier dalmasio.... You guys aren't painted as red flags, theres really no need to label our enemy seeing as the only friends we have in sigma our our alliance members.... And Clive doesn't ask us to soley cast spells on his cities, we cast on anyone in the front line.. or pretty much anyone who asks for that matter. He just happens to openly request it. I garuntee you if I went and requested on the forums for a few spells, I'd get them without hesitation just as Clive does. and Sharing islands doesn't work in this game. It's not going to help anyone, except for allowing us to farm more cities.. which admittetly is great for us, I don't think thats what you will be wanting.



I'm with Clive here, this is the funniest post I've seen so far. And you couldn't have gotten worse 'Intel' if you can even calling that without either bursting into laughs or running to the toilet to puke. This game isn't about being nice, or sharing islands. The only way to win the world is to build world wonders.... just throwing it out there guys... xD


It's true -you guys have been farming MTP guys for ages - when will you stop? Every Border member I share an island with farms my city till there are no resources left and then the keep farming some more!

Please - it's lame that he asks for spells when his cities are "on the front line"

Also - MTP are nice to all and we are doing okay in this world. You guys are obsessed with being mean and not sharing - we share our islands with anyone with a VISA and feel the people should be free to move from one ocean to the next without retribution and settle where they need to.


I am just a hippie ...i believe in peace and prosperity for all

sing it with me foks


Now let me shave your head - put on these yellow robes - head to the airport and get some money for spreading world peace

meanwhile...back at the war room

...what's that you say..he wants to be on OUR SERVER...tell him i will cut off his head and serve it up with a nice chiante...with farber beans

....line two you say.....ok....yea...yea..ok...i will make him an offer he can't refuse....hey...hey you there..find me a know the drill...

...line three....hey guido..i will need about forty pounds of cement delivered to the pier tonight...thanks...say hello to your wife for me... man standing in front of my desk...oh...the plastic on the is nothing....BAMMM...BAMMM...hey..joey..get this sob out of here...thanks...take the red shovel with you..

....hey the find me i i look like a comedian to you....