Competition Bounty Hunter Competition Discussion Thread


For this week the brirems were easy.

But the other bounty:
Normally you will use 2-3 attacks to clear a city with 350 swords and 150 archers. (especially since those numbers tend to be behind firm walls) But you must prove the casualties by reports. So only the last attack will count. I can proof 100+ swords and 80+ archers now, but I know I have killed more (but with ? in report).
I can build a 1400 slinger-nuke off course, but that won't be ready before saturday.


Aye, I assumed this would be the issue.
So the numbers need to be even lower in your opinion?


...aaaaaaaand cancelled due to lack of participation.
Thank you to those who did try and who took part, it just isn't worth it to keep going i'm afraid.

Sorry about this guys, i'll do my best to re-work the competition so it will attract more participants.



It may work better later on when people have more cities. Right now, I just have one city that is a functional attack city, so I have to go too long between clearing out cities (since my attacking forces have to be big enough to clear the city) to do it in a week. I can get lucky and hit a city that happens to have a lot of a current bounty (which is probably what happened to some people), but spying on cities to find bounties and building a sufficient attack force and attacking takes too long with just a small number of cities.

For what it's worth, I enjoyed it, and am sad to see it canceled. (I hope postponed, not canceled.) I tried to get people in my alliance to participate (especially when I saw a BR with a lot of bountied troops in it). Some did, and others weren't interested.