Newspaper BREAKING NEWS! The Bigger the Papa, the Harder He Falls.


On an island far far away... oh wait wrong script.

In the light of what seems to be a self-induced descent into madness by the once "great" leader, I Trist3 is reporting live from the middle of ocean 55 to give you the best of news and to reveal the truth to all the hoplites of the ancient world on what the Big Papa has been up to in these past 2 months. We have conducted thorough research from within his team, the Spirtum Sancti (definitely wasn't part of this organization), have gathered multiple interviews and eyewitnesses close to the leader himself, and have compiled our findings into a "short" report bellow. Please enjoy learning about the many faces of the biggest of Papas :p

= Chapter 1 - The Imperial Menace =

Here we take a look at the Papa in his "prime", back when he was an active and respected leader in SS (lol). Over the course of his prosperous reign, the alliance had seen a variety of success, such as 3 OPs, the last of which resulted in no CS lost, and the recruitment of many of the strongest hoplites (players) the ancient world has ever seen. Little was it known to the outside public that it was in fact the great Trist3, the other leader of the land, who had organized said 3 OPs, where papa was rarely seen helping his teammates or even attempting to lead his troops into battle.

He did, however, step up his activity on the recruitment front, inviting the likes of HI droggen (a hoplite turned envoy who would go on to sim and lie about his walls to kill alliance troops before losing cities without posting) or Dunster91 (a brave hoplite turned militia who after receiving one attack from CM decided to run to Nemesis where he would be safer). In fact, our investigator in cheif Moon Breathing has uncovered that every lost city by SS to CM were from players directly recruited by the great papa himself, a show of his strengths on the leadership front.

Yet the Papa was a beloved leader who frequently rejoiced in the company of his subjects, showing himself once or twice a day on the discord when no attacks where happening (to make sure he was not asked to help) and promptly left to take care of business once defense threads went up or leadership decisions had to be made. That being said his subjects appear to remain loyal, as shown by a statement from his right hand man, the simmer incarnate and most trusted of papa, the Lord Carpathian

= Chapter 2 - Attack of the Posts =

Sadly for the Papa, things took a turn for the worse on a faithful day where CM would come to realize the gap in leadership this great emperor caused. After a day of the emperor hiding away in his palace, not helping in organization or in battle to defend the many cities he had once established as his empire, the Papa took to the scribes to create a masterpiece of a thread exposing his enemies .. (wait is this correct? - yeah yeah that's what we found - oh ok)... sins? The following tabloid resulted in a heated discussion where the emperor, providing no proof to support his claim, was ridiculed by leaders of nearby lands. The result? he back's down on his claim in defeat, pretending to his subject that he never meant any of it.

The papa erupted in anger and began preparing his plan to ruin his enemies, a plan we will present in chapter 4, no knowing that his recent actions had been the last straw that his subject could take. A revolt began in his empire lead by nonother then the true leader of his people (hi that's me). His men start deserting, ashamed at the behavior oh their leader, looking for hope in a better place. The Emperor is furious and begins a campaign of propaganda to strengthen his claim to the throne of 55.

= Chapter 3 - A New Hope, Propaganda Campaign =

The Papa does not give up tho, he proceeds to his next best option and art which he has perfected of years of practice, lying, and deceiving. He begins his new campaign by deleting the leaving post of the ex founder (me again hello), a truly childish maneuver from an angry lil man (too far? oh sorry), leaving his own team baffled and asking questions as to why he would sensor his "friends" explanation for leaving. Nevertheless, the great Papa is now focused on positivity and sends a word of appeasement as an MM to his remaining subjects.

Let them calm down, they are a bit upset because we are moving a bit slow. And in some parts I agree with them. We have to set some rules that everyone need to follow because otherwise we have no chance in surviving.

I prefer having a small team that have fun together rather than having a big crew that does nothing. And no body is having fun if we don't understand that we have to play together, we have to snipe not to stack, and other small things that make the difference.


Seems a bit Hypocritical coming from the man recruiting as many players as he can find in 55, but the plan is solid, appeasement into reorganization. But he reinforces with the next MM to his team, pushing a sense of unity even deeper then he had before, and showing more activity then he has in 2 months

So everyone, I will tell you one thing.

Trist3 left alliance today, but I am not willing to let things like this. I want unity, I want we to be strong and only together we can achive anything good.

You you felt like you didn't had enough support or power to do your thing, remember that divided you will be weaker. I can't force anyone to do anything, but this alliance how much time will be ruled by some qualities: friendship, loyality and unity. If you think that these qualities doesn't fit you then I am sure this is not your place.

I really enjoy playing with you, maybe some can be considered dead weight, but we can always do something better than leaving for what? A better place? There is not a better place.

How much time just 1 player will follow me, I will be here for him, and I will never ever ever leave him for any reason, this is my kind of loyality and friendship.

I still hope this is just a childish act and we will come back together and stronger than ever.

Your friend,
Big Papa

The Emperor is succeeding! only 10 or so members have left his team, leaving him with the majority of his hoplites still loyal to him. As a final boost he decides to send a 3rd MM reassuring them they are in the right hands, and that his leadership will bring them "loyalty and unity"

This alliance is doomed. Please go to Stooges where you still have a chance. I am sorry for everything.

Remember this never trust Trist3. Remember that he will be a good buy OLNY because he needs you. After he won't need you anymore he will show you his true face.

I love you all. May the future bring us together. But this time, our roads end here.

Never forget that Trist3 destroyed your chances to crown. Most likely you will merge with Nemesis or CM or AF in Stoogers, because you won't have 30 capable men to name them team mates.

What makes me feel bad is that, we actually could won this world. We had a great location and a great team. I am glad I've played with you all.

Special thanks to thebudreturns that stayed until the end. That supported me anytime and he always was a good friends and a good comrade and a great leader.

I won't spam any of that players that left for a stupid reason, I know it, you know it, because I may fault you indirectly.

I am glad you offered me the chance to play with you. For those interested in keeping in touch with me please add my in discord: Big Papa#3094

With respect, from your friend,
Big Papa

Oh wait did we get the wrong transcript again? no? oh well, it would appear the emperor quickly changed his mind, but fear not, for the great Papa always has a plan, and he is about to unleash his true weapon, with lack of a name for this plan, we called it "the death strat". A statement from the emperor himself explaining his new plan and the reason for it.



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= Chapter 4 - The Papa Strikes back, Spamming and Botting =

Renewed with energy at the creation of his new spam bot... wait we didn't tell you about the spam bot yet? oh let's take a quick trip down memory lane first. CM first defeat - 29/05
The great Paps is getting ready to test his new weapon on his current nemesis Check Mate.

Present day - Today
The weapon is fully operational and he is ready to use it and profit from it, a truly respectable emperor using the resources to him to assure victory. He beggins by intimidating his enemy with a string of forceful messages

He then goes on the offensive, releasing all his power at once onto his unsuspecting target

And for once the Emperor is a man of his word, and rains fire and death down on his opponent using his new weapon. A sneak peek of the destruction from our photograph on the seen will be provided bellow.
Other rulers were also affected (members of Stooges) but our photographers fell asleep on the scenes unfortunately and came back empty-handed, they were promptly fired following this.

Furthermore, the Great Papa has prepared a second line of defense, a defensive pact with his former nemesis of yesterday, CM, where if they are attacked by stooge Move and his troops would come down on the poor stooges to valiantly defend Papa and his loyal subjects. We have sent a correspondent to the great king Move for a statement on the matter but none have yet to be provided, so the word of papa is to be trusted, or not, we are not sure anymore but here is what he had to say.

= Chapter 5 - Return of the Sinks? =

Our latest correspondents tell us that the Papa has a new plan to use his death strat after it's original failure to cause any damage to anything outside some sleep schedules. His new plan is a stroke of genius, follow the great art of war "if you don't know what you're doing, neither does the enemy". Our current reports show the intention to "RIM THEMSELVES" in order to come back stronger from the outside. It appears he has truly succeeded this time, as none of our analysts were able to find the reason for such a plan or how it is supposed to help him achieve his goal. The great Emperor has baffled us and his enemies, so maybe he is to be feared once more? Anyways here are the statements we obtained on this new puzzling strategy

It would appear he has outdone himself this time. This is the end of this report, and remember that your trusty news outlet the unnamed will always be here to provide the best and most accurate news on the strongest players of this server. As a final word to papa, Thank you for providing such amazing content, and for your cooperation on this investigation, your cooperation on every matter including the incriminating one is truly a thing of beauty. We would recommend for next time to get a lawyer, however, and maybe an editor too so that your tantrums don't ruin every team you play on. Thank you to our photographers and correspondents, especially Kinge who provided most of the statements for the great Papa himself.


PS :


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This is my second post on external btw so sorry i didn't figure out how to put half the images on there. Also appologies for it being long but i hope you all at least find some fun in the reading. Cheers everyone :D


This is what I tried to achieve in my rise and fall of SS. This is honestly hilarious


This is what I tried to achieve in my rise and fall of SS. This is honestly hilarious
Yeah i saw you posted as I was still makign this, but considering i had more inside info i figured i'd finish rather then add to yours lol. I'm interested to see what papa has to say about this xD


Nice post Trist3, with all the time and effort put into it i know which leader i'd prefer to waste my spare time under.
As for any deals with Move, as a member of CM 1st i've heard or it, but Move tells us nothing, he keeps his Moves to himself until we receive our orders,lol


So this is what you were doing when you told me, "I need to talk to a few people" and left me on read for like 6 days...smh

The post is hilarious and my ally is dead


ohhh my god, this thread is gold.. o_O

Note 1 : never trust @Trist3 / Stooges #Teos hahahahah

Note 2 : spamming in general is now bannable, so if you see anyone spamming you manually or otherwise report and that player gets banned all the same..

Note 3 : @Evil MeIinoe gets a lil bit wet when she uses gold to take enemy cities.


ohhh my god, this thread is gold.. o_O

Note 1 : never trust @Trist3 / Stooges #Teos hahahahah

Note 2 : spamming in general is now bannable, so if you see anyone spamming you manually or otherwise report and that player gets banned all the same..

Note 3 : @Evil MeIinoe gets a lil bit wet when she uses gold to take enemy cities.

wym don't trust me I'm a credible journalist with only proven information ;) . oh and thx for the info last time i played spam wasn't bannable


Great Papa has prepared a second line of defense, a defensive pact with his former nemesis of yesterday, CM, where if they are attacked by stooge Move and his troops would come down on the poor stooges to valiantly defend Papa and his loyal subjects.
How blind must one be to actually believe this?
We haven't stopped hitting SS for a second split or no split.


So familiar
Deja vu or how i can call that on my broken en languge

Its not trist plan to make againe aliance caled stooge
Its puppy idea
We all know what he and takni did on 116 trist was there like plan to make aliance who caled stooge

Crown hunters how?
They make pact with mp then pact was broken
They pact with loe but againe pact was broken because loe ofer only 5 space then againe merge(pact) with mp
And in the end that was reson why both aliance fall and loe win... .
I mean i hope nobody will cache gold boy puppy for boting this world and hope he finaly take crown