Bringing back Auto-updating maps


Dear players,

Not so long ago, Ac04 has terminated his Auto Updating Maps. We all know how great they were, and I'm sure they are missed.
However, over the last few weeks I have created my own maps, and right now I am happy to announce that they are ready to go live!

Please note that I am currently still measuring server impact, and that this is a betalaunch which means it may (and very likely will) contain bugs. I am counting on you guys to help me find them and fix them! Thanks in advance!

Without too much talking,
the maps are the same ones: Top players, Top Alliances and conquers.
Note: I have changed the amount of time for conquers to last 24h instead of last 7 days.

Next to that I am proud to announce the launch of 6 new maps!
Those show the top fighter alliances and players in each category (overall, attacker and defender).

I update the maps two times a day: 0-1h and 12-13h (Berlin time)
New worlds are added automatically. (or should be :D )

How to use
Replace {worldid} with the id of the world. Example: en91
Top 10 Players of a world

Top 10 Alliances of a world

Conquers in the last 24h

Top 10 Players Fighters Overall of a world

Top 10 Players Fighters Attackers of a world

Top 10 Players Fighters Defenders of a world

Top 10 Alliances Fighters Overall of a world

Top 10 Alliances Fighters Attackers of a world

Top 10 Alliances Fighters Defenders of a world

I sincerely hope you like them, let me know your feedback!

To finish I also wish to tease you with 2 upcoming features:
Map History (showing a timeline of maps of one world)
- Ghost finder within a range of coords

Best regards,
Joris - Ibra Gonza
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I will post them for all the new worlds. Thank you!
Edit: looks like you already did.

Are the maps for both .EN and .US or just .EN?


Just EN atm. As I mentioned, I'm kind of 'beta testing' the maps here before I expand to other markets. I very likely will add US once I know server impact :)


Great job, i like it a lot


Not sure how feasible it is from your perspective, but maybe have the maps zoom scale affected by how far out everyone is?

(Ex. If the furthest the world is at O34, it makes no sense to render O24, and whatnot.)

Otherwise, nice of you continue the maps. :D



Yea, I'm currently considering on a zoom of some sort where I'd take the furthest ocean coordinates, and only make maps for those oceans.
However, some worls I noticed have players in the top/bottom left/right corner of the world (example clicky) so for those worlds it would have no point whatsoever to determine zoom on farthest coordinate-positions unless I do it manually, but for the 100+ worlds I currently create (NL and .net) that's not feasible.

I am open for suggestions though :)


Hey! Hadn't seen these much until recently, but definitely love them. Thanks for all the work!


Nice work

Was wondering if we can edit the colors at all? or if that is a possibility

Hey. You can't :)
These are static images, updated once an hour. Colors are based on ranking, you can't edit them.

Sorry :)