broken captchas


i used to play this game a lot. it at one time was the best game out there in my opinion. Then a few years ago i just quit playing and didn't remember why. after playing again for a week i have remembered why i quit playing. You can not play the game without having captchas pop up all the time. Most of the time they wont even finish loading. Then on the ocassions they actually do load things have done changed before they do and you can no longer do what you wanted to do. So I will ask one time only. please remove these annoying captchas that prevent us from being able to play the game. I know your reasoning for having them but at the same time you need to find a new way. This method killed the game. There is nothing fun about this game anymore. Please bring the fun back to the game!


I hate that captchas pop up for every 5th gold trade. Like you have to prove that you are not a robot several times in minute. Thats really annoying to choose those pictures all the time. Can developers made those captchas not so frequent?


Don't even get me started. I rely on gold trade and this new system is the first time I have ever had to deal with "captcha." UGH! By the time I have met the requirements, I have lost out on offers I