Known Bug Bug - Premium feature "Recreuitment Overview"


The Recruitment overview does not scroll down past my first 15 cities. Therefore it is unusable for the remainder of my cities.

Other tabs in the Premium drop down seem to be OK, but this one is a real pain as I cannot rebuild my troops quickly - I have limited time as it is to log on to Grepolis, which was the principle reason for my buying the administrator, but with this problem, and the other general problems of speed issues (plus another problem where I have not been able to log on for a few days - will post bug later), it is making the playing of Grepolis pointless with my number of cities.

I am playing on Kappa, which has been updated to 2.0.
Using Google Chrome, also sometimes IE.
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This is a known issue and has already been reported. Thank you.


What about the fact that:

1. Troops are counted VERY bad.
Recruiting a ls will count as 9 pop slots. This happens with 100% reproductibility rate, and is not limited to ls.
From the above issue, if i have 200 available slingers to recruit, and i recruit all of them, instead of 0 sometimes i have 1, 2, or more slingers still available to recruit. if i click to recruit that, i get an error message that there's no available resources for them.

2. Often, after recruiting, the available amount to recruit resets back. For example, i had 200 slingers to recruit, i recruited them, then instead of 0, it showed again 200 available.
All computing there is wrong, and i am not able to see how many troops i actually can recruit.

3. From time to time, i find towns that have a +- recruting population. What the heck does this mean?

And add to that the fact that there's 794 available pop slots and +- 2463 units to recruit.

I've reported all these on dec 17th. It's been 3 weeks and no improvement here. I actually pay the premium to havea broken feature?
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5 weeks now and:
- no response on forums
- no response ingame support
- ingame support issue closed.
Is this lack fo care for your customers or what?


You got a response on forums and on support, and I take it you're just not satisfied with the responses in question.

We have stated that these are known issues and have reported them to the appropriate places. It is now up their responsibility to fix the bugs in question. A day by day or week by week update is not necessary and when the fixes are to be implemented they will be shown accordingly in the public changelog.


In the mean time there was a response about new update to be released on 24th focuse on bug fixes
Will get back here after the update if the issues still persist.
For now, i'm on pause / hold ;)