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Sniffing out old bacon?
Apologies if I offended anybody :')
Not my intentions, its a game we are here to have fun
I feel that, I get heated sometimes :cool: I also work, and Its much past my bed time, but I wanted to let you know Im still here :) See you on the battlefield.


OC55 => Bedtime Squad

OC45 => Double Dutch

OC44 => Knights of the Orient

OC54 => Moderated Unicorns


Looks like the MRA SC in oc54 already fell

on a side note please keep spending gold the well dried up


Then who will take it ? Grepo's got a Talent ? haha
cmon guys do u sell sth good here ? Dan u need to check ur salesmen they suck


Looks like O44 and O55 are the oceans to watch now.

O44: I think there's 3 major alliances to watch.

Lollipop/Grepo: Has a talented enough team to run with the big dogs and if they play smart they can end up on top still. But this would be my first team to fall on the list. They can avoid this by going head long at BZC and avoiding being hit on two sides by two incredibly strong alliances.

BLACK ZONE CRUSADE: A problem for anyone who has to face them. But they've started late and early on it looks like there might be a toll for that. Path to victory is simple. Snipe well, feed, and don't get overwhelmed. My prediction is that they overcome the late start and challenge Knights to O44.

Knights of the Orient: My favorite to win this ocean. The South Koreans are experienced players and have fought in small numbers against large alliances on decent worlds. I think they prove to be a match in O44.

O55: Its a two horse show.

Bedtime Squad: The favorite of the ocean for most. Talented players and coordinated leaders. But I think they have their hands full soon and it might become a little much.

Suicide Shrimp Squad: to put it bluntly, if they gain their footing, they'll win O55 and be in the running to win the world. This is probably the most loaded team on En100.

the other two oceans will probably feed a bit before starting new wars.
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well.. 44 is a huge mess.. kudos to knights landing sieges only on offline players so far, getting closer and closer to Grepo's/Lollipop core, but what happens after.. we will see, also bzc is playing smart.. taking over 3 islands and not making moves with either knights nor us.. just growing..