BWN is bad


Does anyone else think BWN is bad? huggers only here for crown, absolute spammers. Never have I ever seen more disrespectful and horrible players in my lifetime. Absolutely hope they never return grr
Who’s the worst in that alliance?! I think it’s one of those noobs like Goku or Joe!


someone from free hugs, I mean uh.. bunnies.. please shoot me an invite to the alliance. I'd never want to be apart of a team that does mergers, absolutely disgusting.


Hugging* Sorry, wrong terms, getting use to this "angry-losing" type of speaking, But Also where are my likes on my comments? I've said BWN is bad and I don't have forum karma :( I'm quite disappointed.


just play your game and ignore what everyone is talking, lot of people like to talk talk talk
Agree with you, find a few (or as many as you can) like minded players as you, watch each others backs, and become awesome!
Look forward to meeting you out there on the battlefield.