Newspaper Byllis Weekly Issue #5


Byllis Weekly: Issue #5
By Jabba55

The wars have picked up even more since last issue! Mercenaries still targets Reformed Law and seems to be doing quite well with a strong 4-0 lead. WARLORDS has been targeting The Assassins and 4 conquers have been made. Odyssey seems to have merged with I.R.S and gained a lot of excellent players from them.

Mercenaries are beating Reformed Law 4-0
WARLORDS are beating The Assassins 4-0

Every week I will do something called worst alliance and best alliance of the week. Here it is:

Best alliance of the week
Mercenaries: I never would have thought this alliance would make it past BP but I was clearly wrong. This alliance has proven to be a fighter against RL scoring 4 conquers and having none against which proves it had a good offense-defense balance. Their sister alliance Mercenaries II seems to be well also with no conquers against. Mercenaries probably have the strongest hold on any ocean (they are in Ocean 44) with a whopping 310 000 point lead of the 3rd place alliance (the second place alliance is Mercenaries II). A strong base is key to an alliances success so that they can support each other well. I can certainly see Mercenaries and their brother alliance still around in more than a few months.

Worst alliance of the week
Reformed Law: I used to respect this alliance but sadly things have changed with this alliance. They are fighting a war they cannot win against Mercenaries losing 0-4, they have dropped from 1st -5th in 2 weeks and are still dropping. The assassins have also recently taken 2 cities of RL. I do not see this alliance lasting another month, they gave it their best I credit them that but they are sinking slowly...


Why did you decide to play this world?
I started up here because of disagreements with the leadership i had in appolonia, and that speed 1 suits better to my rl situation right now..

Where do you see your alliance in a month?
still climbing but not as fast as the leading ones since we are a bit out in the rim

Did you bring any of your friends from different worlds into your alliance?
I have one friend from appolonia here but that's about it.. the rest are from this world

What is your experience in Grepolis?
Been playing grepo for about 3 years, started up in the world Beta with same speed as this but conquest.

What made you decide to make this alliance?
I have played in a few worlds now where I have been fortunate to be in some very good alliances. I am relatively new to the game so have just enjoyed being a member and learning from those vastly more experienced than me. In the initial Heroes world I started the alliance Terrahawks and it did rather well for a while until members left for a variety of reasons. I initially joined Adeptus in this world but when they collapsed I intended on joining another, but the one I chose were allied to an enemy of Rob's so wouldnt accept him, so i formed this alliance with just the two of us initially.

Are you keeping your alliance member to 3?
Not at all, in fact just prior to your message there were only two of us so as you can see we expanded further by 33% of our current membership only recently ;-), i welcome new members BUT they must be local to me, too many alliances I see have vast amount of members but are simply unable to adequately support each other owing to distance between those members so I would rather a few decent close members than a lot of 'hangers on' as it were

Is this a serious alliance?
Time will tell and to be honest the real judges of that question will be the other alliances and how they view us. It is my hope that the alliance itself will be around for a long time to come, it is very new but I hope to form a hardcore membership of dedicated and experienced players that will be proud to be a 'Hawk' and follow the team from one world to the next. This world is still in its infancy and as other alliances change, collapse or merge, may see the benefits of a smaller more tight nit alliance and come fight alongside me - time will tell.......

What is your experience in Grepolis?
I've been playing for a short time. In particular I've mostly been training

Where do you see your alliance in a month?
Hopefully we still flowing. I do not know what to think about the future.

Are you currently at war with anyone right now?
Not that I know of. Who wants war with us?
How is your war with Reformed Law going?
Well, it's only been a little over 2 weeks now and we're fairing well. I'm sure most would agree, it's really hard to know how well anyone is really doing with the speed of this world going at the rate of "Snail".

A few people think your alliance will not last much longer, any comment?
They've been saying that since we got here on Aug. 31st, are we still here now? I like the nay sayers because their assumptions of what's behind my walls in the way of players in my alliance is unknown to them regardless of the counts. I guess most of the nay sayers are Gypsies with crystal balls that tell them the future. I think they should return those crystal balls for a refund.

Your alliance has changed a lot recently for the better, why is this?
Because our team is having fun playing the game; that's why we're all here right? I think people get to caught up in the dramas of the game and forget why we started playing grepolis in the first place.

Final Thought:
~Alighiero: A good alliance is the measure of a leaders ability to guide their team in a cooperative manner, not forcing it to move against it's will.
I.R.S-Merged into Odyssey
Daywalkers-Fell apart due to inactivity, most active players joined Mercenaries and Mercenaries II

Hope you all enjoyed it!
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Hoon Ding

Thanks for continuing the newspaper, Jabba! Keep it up!


Good Job Jabba. It must be hard finding interesting things to talk about when the world is moving so damn slow. I hope you continue this :)


i love how everyone still bashes on us, watch us over the next few days and i await what you will say again to bash us


I base my opinion off of true facts. If you don't like it don't read it.
newspapers are supposed to check facts right? why don't you check and see if mercs have taken any active players.


You shouldn't have had In-actives in your alliance in the first place. I still see at least two players near me that have not grown in over a week.


You shouldn't have had In-actives in your alliance in the first place. I still see at least two players near me that have not grown in over a week.
repoing is a well accepted tactic, it's stupid not to practice it.
ps. mercs lost a city to us.


Really good read and you interviewed different players. Very well done.


You shouldn't have had In-actives in your alliance in the first place. I still see at least two players near me that have not grown in over a week.
LOL again. So if we dont put too much effort on defending those few inactives we are already loosing a war and sinking? C´mon write about something real.
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