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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by owen66, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. owen66

    owen66 Guest

    Byzantium World Settings:
    World speed: 1
    Unit speed: 3
    Alliance limit: 250
    Beginner protection: 6
    Morale: Active
    Conquer system: Revolt

    Possibly the worst settings of all 2.0 in my opinion.

    Fingers crossed we can vote on morale next time.
  2. Helgan

    Helgan Phrourach

    Oct 13, 2011
    i agree with you, the world speed is gonna drag
  3. ya it should have been speed 2
  4. gadzooks

    gadzooks Phrourach

    Jan 19, 2010
    agreed. speed 2 would be much better. and the unit speed will make it too easy to expand quickly to the rim leaving little room for rim alliances to succeed if they start any later than 2 weeks into the server.
  5. Nintz

    Nintz Guest

    @ gadzooks-

    Maybe not. The overall world speed will slow everything down. People have to build the units before they can conquer with them you know.

    Edit: Wait, it that alliance limt 250?


    Oh, prepare for the MRAs...
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  6. owen66

    owen66 Guest

    Back in the day there were no alliance caps..

    That was before I was around.
  7. Nintz

    Nintz Guest

    Is it just me, or have they been forcing morale onto every world lately?
  8. Raffy21

    Raffy21 Guest

    Yup they have, even though most everyone is asking for a non morale world.
    These settings fail IMO, it's a slow world that will be full of mras. I really hope there's a speed 2-4 non morale world that comes out soon, probably won't happen though.
  9. Pythagorus

    Pythagorus Guest

    the vast majority of grepo players are not like the rest of us who use the forum, most of them are new or not particularly active it seems, so settings like morale and speed 1 suit them. besides, with the last 3 worlds already full it makes sense to release a speed 1 world (which can hold more players).

    the morale thing is also not great for the vast majority of us who have been playing a while, but i doubt there will be no more non-morale worlds at all. i just hope that they leave the noobish settings (like these ones) in morale worlds, and when a non-morale word comes out they give it settings for the vets :)
  10. Unit speed 3? That's new.
  11. SmileForever

    SmileForever Guest

    I agree. I was looking forward to a speed 3. What a shame :(
  12. Edwardicus III

    Edwardicus III Strategos

    Dec 19, 2010
    I might still play, just for practice.
  13. QCI TCG

    QCI TCG Guest

    Not great but i suppose they need to cater for all players and all levels of ability. Still might be worth a go iv never played on a world with 250 members bet the forums are a hoot lol
  14. Naughty Bear

    Naughty Bear Guest

    Wasn't your reasoning for leaving Omega because you didn't have the time to continue playing? How would a faster world benefit you?
  15. King Arcadius

    King Arcadius Phrourach

    Oct 12, 2011
    I agree that this may be the worst settings in 2.0. This world will be interesting.. My best guess is that because of the slow world settings, more inexperienced players will join not knowing what they're getting into. The high unit speed combined with 250 alliance limit will cause MRAs to spread across the globe.

    This world will be a disaster :(
  16. hatsnboots

    hatsnboots Phrourach

    Aug 31, 2011
    [rant]wow ... As I mentioned somewhere else, it warms my heart to see the welcome shown for the new players by the experienced players around here.

    [whine]It's too slow for me - how am I supposed to attack the new player who hasnt got a clue before they know what they're doing so I can brag about being a tough guy who takes out people who cannot possibly defend themselves if I have to put up with them having a SLIGHT advantage by way of morale! It's not fair! How can I feel like a big man if I don't have people to bully?[/whine]

    Now I remember why MMORTS players annoy me.......

    Would like to point out, for those who are about to troll this:
    IF the company who created this free game for you to play cannot maintain a high level of player numbers, their advertisers pull out, and the game goes away. That would be why they "force" morale. So YOUR fun can continue unabated. Congratulations on a wonderful job of biting the hand that feeds your addiction.

    Also, does it occur to none of you that for the above stated reasons, there is a good chance that "they" are DELIBERATELY creating an MRA-friendly world, since MRAs tend to be filled with newer people looking for some assistance from a larger group of people?[/rant]

    (see, this is why i don't bother applying for mod positions LOL)
  17. Helgan

    Helgan Phrourach

    Oct 13, 2011
    hatsnboots just layed the smackdown
    his points are true and yes i do believe we need new players to bring this excitement up and i dont personally like MRA first hand experience but they do provide the assistance to new recruits that veterans dont want to deal with the trouble most of the time
  18. SmileForever

    SmileForever Guest

    You made some interesting points but they contain numerous flaws. This will help the company in the short term causes. After all sooner or later those new players will get sick of morale like the old veterans here and if their demands are not met, it may result in grepolis losing a vast amount of their customers.

    So overall you're wrong in some areas. You are encouraging the Private Limited Company(Grepolis) to damage itself even more by imposing morale which is disliked by the majority of Grepolis players. This will result in many players leaving, damaging the company even more.
  19. Thrillology

    Thrillology Phrourach

    Jul 3, 2011
    So when does Byzantium come out?
  20. Raffy21

    Raffy21 Guest

    It comes out in a few days, October 17th.