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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by owen66, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Edwardicus as i said in my post thats when the last worlds opened so i am guessing the open time will be 1300 hours monday just a guess
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  2. hogmos

    hogmos Phrourach

    Jul 24, 2011
    Is this time in UTC+1?
  3. .FatLady.

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  4. Perfect! i can wake up, join, place a few construction orders, go to school, come back and conquer the world :)
  5. owen66

    owen66 Guest

    No. Nobody knows the opening time yet. It'll be in German working hours, but nobody can be sure.
  6. the unit speed is cool, a speed 3, did we ever have that?
  7. owen66

    owen66 Guest

    Yes, on Omega.
  8. TomPrimus

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    I hope the world will start a few hours earlier than your predictions.
    10:00 Please
  9. .FatLady.

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    Well I don't care!!!
  10. cicamicamon

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    Please put in World 27
    World speed 3
    Unit speed 3
    Begginer protection 4-5 days
    Alliance limit: 150
    COnquest system: COnquest

    If you can to do that, this will be very fast world and everyopne will play it!!!

    I put on forum on Sigma, and they said that all players will play only world with speed 3, because speed one is so slow...
  11. I'll play a world with those settings.^^^^^^
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  12. cicamicamon

    cicamicamon Guest

    what happening with new world? ITs almost 3p.m. in my country.... Im waiting more then 3h....
  13. Thrillology

    Thrillology Phrourach

    Jul 3, 2011
    We need a world called Default where everything is 1 and it uses conquest.
  14. Nintz

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    Chances are Alpha/Beta was like that.

    No morale, conquest, no alliance cap, world speed 1, unit speed 1...

    You get the picture.
  15. King Arcadius

    King Arcadius Phrourach

    Oct 12, 2011
    Upsilon was similar to that, except that it was morale and revolt. After playing that I'm never playing a speed 1 world again... much to slow.
  16. cicamicamon

    cicamicamon Guest

    King Arcadius is right... We need faster speed like this
    World speed 3
    Unit speed 2-3
    Morale: activited
    Alliance limit : 150
    Conquest sysetm: Conquest

    (What is night bonus, how to use it?????)
  17. King Arcadius

    King Arcadius Phrourach

    Oct 12, 2011
    Here is my prefered world:
    -World speed 2
    -Unit speed 2
    -Morale= deactivated

    A speed 3 world is much to fast for me.

    Night bonus is not active in the worldwide servers of grepolis.
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  18. MOSID

    MOSID Guest

    world speed:100
    unit speed:1000
    alliance cap:1
    conquer system:revolt 10 min.
  19. King Arcadius

    King Arcadius Phrourach

    Oct 12, 2011
    That would be epic :D
  20. .FatLady.

    .FatLady. Guest

    For like an hour!!!