Open Calling ALL Grepo Poets (Young and old/good and bad)

Silver Witch

Guys I was running a poem competition in Side and to be fair there are a few who have come up with some interesting little ditty's there but I'm now going to open this up to everyone and repost here. Anyone who posted in Side can transfer it here if they wish.
Be adventurous and have a go - the subject can be about anything but it has to be original. Grep related is good - a limerick about your favourite enemy is pretty easy - an epic poem about your world maybe a bit harder.


1st Great Land Expansion 100 x 3

2nd Great Land Expansion 100 x 2

3rd Great Land Expansion 100 x 1

I’m going to give it a month - if you like something give it a like and we will take that into consideration when judging.

I will start you off with the same one I used in side ................

Some say Grep is for the addicts whose wives may only weep,
Some say Grep is for the spammers who seek to steal your sleep,
Some say Grep is for the richest with endless pockets deep,
Mods say Grep is there for everyone as long as rules they keep.

When your working day is over and the daylight's growing dim,
When your homework is completed and your mum has just looked in,
When your kids are sweetly sleeping and the baby bears a grin,
Then open up your browser and plan your route to win.

For the bravest and most active are the winners of renown,
They use skill to take red cities but leave the little brown,
With loyalty and honour they will tear your wonders down,
And that my friends is how you win a Vict'ry and a Crown.

Good luck

Mole man 420

This story begins with a world by the name of Side
Warriors gathered far and wide, each so full of pride.
Thinking with their premades they will have an easy ride to the biggest slice of the domination pie.

Anarchaos to the north looking mighty fine not too many enemies will they find to stop their grind.
Just to their south was The Commision ran by Mac nine, and on all around him he thought he could dine..
After a sip or two of some wine, he called on his team, to begin pushing the front lines.
To the North Mac said, it shall be devine!

Stopped in their tracks by AC's greatest and best.
Mac so confused, he didn't know what to do next.
Shall we push west?

No, lets go east!
I do believe there is quite a feast
Right there in the belly of those scrappy goat beasts.
Mac and his team put on their cleats
Dug into the earth, they ran full ahead not knowing they where yet again going to be beat.
And, so it was, they where forced to take a seat!

So early was their demise, that all around would have to arise,
Take a look and you will realize, the maps are there for our eyes!
From wars Mac n crew did not shy!
But with greed and hunger, they tried to take on too much of the pie.

Everyone all around knew their mistakes
Hell, even Odin from their turtle shells jumped in like it was a free steak!
And so what was once the commission, was now a flake..
A team full of greats, reduced to a community plate.
While all the killers jumped in and ate..
Fiasco united decided to take in some of the fallen mates.

That is the end to this short story,
Although not at all the sum of all the wars and things that got gory.
We will end here for the night, but do not worry,
Another edition of Side is in our future, brewing down in the laboratory.
Be patient and soon you will know of the glory!!

- Stoner Mole
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Back in the days of ancient greece
there was a world that knew no peace.
with the speed of Side
the competition was wide
so He knew there were palms needing grease
if his vision for glory
were to be written into his story.

So his admirals He gathered
and his word they heard
their promises He received
and his plans He conceived
for then the admirals were ordered.

for they cure blunders
AdmiralDee you go here
AdmiralDumb you go there
for this ain't wonders.

when it looks like we're one
we'll twist the tongue
and play ignorance
of this mergence
as they must believe us!
for we are me

when the time had come
for AdmiralDumb
to go to war,
he did his chore,
and their battle cry was...


My name is Burnbrae and I'm a Grepo addict

I came to Side with no great expectations
A gentle stroll without Grepo frustrations
Now I've arrived I can see that's not true
A world that is dominated by the notorious few

The banter's the same "my Dad's bigger than yours"
Bleating & ghosting while down on all fours
Calling out players for cheating (so said)
The ultimate end, all your troops are now dead!

Alliances appear, new and old
MRA's growing that inevitably fold
Noobs to the left and noobs to the right
Cities gifted over without any fight

I say to myself, why the hell do I stay
Pack up my cities and walk away
Go back to RL where the humans exist
Nah, just one more world, its too hard to resist


Pollution of sounds, shouts
An increasing sense of dispere
Blows gently around the sunny bloody air
in a pianful, ruthless afternoon

Attack! Attack!
Tears from the sky
Just a chance for a last goodbye
as unexpected as terrible among us

The blow of a wall of swordsman
-put out the sword- while
leaving all toghether faces
where orrible as sin
Griffins are Flying

This wrinkled defense
against Huntress' sons
-roaring furies-
Is still alive in a cold bleeding tear

and just a voice in the wind in night of wine
could bring it back to us



My realm is dark and veiled in mist,
My heart untouched, my lips unkissed.
Where is the one who holds the key?
Who'll come and set my passions free?

In dreams I search, by night I stalk
The earthly plane where she must walk.
I'll know the face; her lips beguile.
Her eyes with fire will light her smile.

With trembling heart must she begin
The fearful journey deep within
On this dark path where tears must fall
To cleanse the soul, to breach the wall.

Then I will speak to her of love
And how I stole her from above
To share the splendor here with me
To love for all eternity.

Immortal and strong, my love pure and dark,
I offer my song, a gift from my heart.
Now ends this wandering, safe from the light.
Hail my Persephone, Queen of the night.

How Do I Snipe

Words I say don't always come out right,
and they always seem to start a fight

I know my spam hurts you,
and believe me, I didn't mean to

The last thing I want to see is HoB fade away
because I used to spam you guys everyday

I know all you want from me is distance,
but right now I need a ww team so HoB stays in existence.

Everything has happened so fast.
How long before we leave the past in the past?

HoB is falling apart.
It's ripping my heart.

I have so much anger built up; I have to get it out,
and all I want to do is spam and pout.

I used to take it out on you,
even though I didn't mean to.

I'm sorry for causing you more stress.
I know even you legends need time to rest.

Richard Thrust

Hope the link helps inspire you a bit.

The Return of Hyperion
by: Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961)
The dungeon-clefts of Tartarus
are close beyond the mountains
that are bound like a giant's girdle
about the unstirred, unbreathing east.
Alike on mountain and plain
the night is as some iron dream
that closes the soul in a crypt of dread,
apart from touch or sense of earth,
as in the space of eternity.

What unseen light perturbs the darkness?
Behold! It stirs and fluctuates
between the mountains and the stars
that are set as guards above the prison
of the captive Titan-god. I know
that in the depths beneath, Hyperion
divides the pillared vault of dark
and briefly stands upon its ruin.
Then light is laid upon the peaks,
as the hand of one who climbs beyond;
and now, the sun! The sentinel stars
are dead with overpotent flame,
and in their place Hyperion stands.
The night is loosened from the land
as a dream from the mind of the dreamer;
A great wind blows across the dawn,
aike the wind of the movement of the world.

Would also recommend the Iliad and Odessey by Homer.

If you can't find a copy online they will def be on project Gutenberg.
la fleur de ton anus
est aussi large qu'uranus
et dans son orifice
j'aimerai y faire mes sacrifices

c'est à peine dénudée
que je sens la chaleur monter
sa douce peau contre la mienne
me fait oublier qu'elle est une chienne

Elle et moi en plein ébat
ses douces parties entre mes doigts
et si mon fief est à la hausse
c'est pour mieux cracher la sauce

Delete gang


As the world formed and unified
out of the ashes
players appeared oceanside
ready to be re-occupied

Joining the party hella late
Was a band of random few
Their bigger sister couldn't concentrate
So they decided to restate

New name and a new banner
showing the eternal flame
They wanted some type of glamour
But also meant to set out in a new manner

Expand they did
Players came and cities were taken
So alliances were removed from the grid
Leaving some players wasted

Enemies on every side
But with one friend till the end of the line
They decided to strike
Soon they were second place, things were bright

But things took a turn for the worst
Their one friend was no more
Founder's RL became filled with hurt
So the alliance burst

With no friends and a united front against them on the ringside
This band of mighty warriors had a choice to make
Before long, all the enemies were defied
From an echo that was heard worldwide

Ready to defy
And you're gonna hear us roar ;)

Italics part is my "poem". First, third and last lines are supposed to rhyme. At least somewhat. Well this was a pretty fun way to procrastinate.


No poem have I to offer... Just wanted all to know that each were well received. @Silver Witch , I don't envy the decision making here. They were all very special in their own way. That is why I love this game...The diversity. Great job all!