Calling all Vets


I can't recall the first world I played but I think it was Phi or Chi.. My mate was playing and was showing me the ropes on his acct. He quit and I took over.. Once I felt I had an idea of how to play I started my own acct and you lot have been messing in your trousers ever since.. :p

Well.. Until the acct was banned for having the audacity to call lazy mods lazy mods, then telling their leader what I thought if him.. I still feel exactly the same way about them and stand by my statement that modding and support will improve greatly when Inno fires the lot and hires some trained monkeys as replacements..

Now I am the big happy fella and this big happy fella wants to vomit at all the hugging and cuddling going on in this game and in this world so be warned..

We have been sent here to destroy you.. We survived the Christmas party.. So you know we will..:eek:


Why the hate ? Cause u failed to do a good impression with all of your previous IGN ?
AKA pgezzy and i dont know which one u had before ?

you sound like you was tryna reveal to the world a hidden name.. lmao everyone and they baby momma know i was pgezzy


I joined the game in en1 Alpha but the first world I properly played (until the end) was en19 Tau with Krypteia. Then probably my most nostalgic world was en44 Pella with DOOM where we lost to MORS :(. In between en1, en19 and en44 I wandered around in different worlds, met people, learned stuff. Playing 10 worlds at once got me though and I had to take a break from the game after Pella.

Then I came back for Sestos (en63?), Sinope (en81?) and a recent en97 Pagasae with Noobs. Then came Carystus (en103?) for a bit and then retirement time. But now I see why Erik keeps retiring and coming back because I'm back for a while now
, addicting game.

Looking foward to the next high speed revolt server. Anyone want to team up with me for it?


I joined this game in 2012. First world was i think Troy but basic skills i got from Apollonia where i was able to be part of an awesome alliance called Najistan :). Then before 2 years break i played Pandosia world. Was part of repo agents there. 2 Years later i joined Nagidos world, where i was part of Caustic soda...

I never played the endgame until Byblos where i rejoined 1 half months before WW started tho lol. Only world i have played from start to the end is Heliopolis(well its not closed yet lol). Part of Old School MF/Bad with names there and personally think the best one i have ever been.

Now im trying out that domination end game and will take another 2-4 years break if the game lasts that long :)