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So Extortion & Co; 3 of the top 10 alliances in our world wage war against WIB. Quite honestly looking forward to it, excitement this late in a dying world is what we needed.. although you broke an agreement (Drills) made early on in this server, to many players disgust. Are you trying to destroy all trust and respect you gained in this server? From what I hear you don't have much left.. now even less.

"Right, I'm gonna cut to the chase. Majority of our players want to stay, but they want more targets, noobies are a ghost town, ff are the same, all the others are not a challenge, so the majority are asking to fight everyone else. Unfortunately, that includes bloods.
As I've told you before I and other leaders, lead by consent, so although we have been amicable and on good terms throughout server, I have to do what is right by our people. In order to keep them interested that will be letting them loose on bloods.
This won't start until 1400 game time tomorrow out of respect." Joey aka Fidelitas, Today 11:04 PM

Amicable is right! We didn't fight you or Extortion along side SMYN's out of respect for that agreement even though we lost players in the process. We never wanted wonders. Always keeping our word. And what have you broken it for? Not a decent fight surely? A challenge you say?

If you wanted a decent fight just over 24hours to turn around hundreds of cities to make it fun and something worth respecting is not sufficent time at all. You just want to bully alliances out it seems. If you want a fun and fair fight, even if you out number us 3 to 1 then you really should show your enemies more respect instead of striking while they have their backs turned, 24 measly hours.. I expected more from you honestly.

Yes I am an annoyed Blood who previously had respect for all 3 of your alliances. Congratulated you on your victory as no one rose to the plate to stop you. Was I wrong in having that respect? You tell me..

I'd like to hear your side of this, because from where we stand you have made yourself look untrustworthy and disrespectful.

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Hmmmm. Well it's simply that we've done what we set out to do and won the world; there's nothing left to do except fight everyone. We were always told Bloods were here to fight for fun, so we're simply giving you some more fun. Where's the problem in that? ;)

Personally, I would've voted against it out of liking of Jim and Ruthie but for one thing; nightdragon77. The player had an invite back to Bloods the same time as the rest who had gone to SMYN, but hung around attacking us for ages until we started to hit back, then ran off as fast as possible once we did - a real case of bad faith. Jim and Ruth made a major error of judgement IMHO by not only not kicking him, but by getting stroppy with us when we hit him. At that point, I figured there wasn't much point opposing the inevitable. We have had no agreements in place that required any formal notice period, because we never had any formal agreement in place, merely an informal understanding, but I insisted that we gave one out of respect regardless - nothing broken there.
This is absolutely nothing against Bloods, and nothing personal against anyone (except the slippery snake that is nightdragon77), simply that there's absolutely nothing else to do in this world that's still worth doing beyond fighting everyone. It's no longer about winning or losing, it's just about having a bit of fun before the world ends, and we're not fighting you, we're fighting EVERYONE, which leaves US the ones hopelessly outnumbered. What's the alternative? Everyone ghosts and the world peters out. Does that really sound more attractive? It's not us v Bloods, it's us v the server. Seems to me to be the sort of thing people have been crying out for.

Oh, and I'm left wondering what on earth you've been doing with those hundreds of cities if they've not been fighting and you've not been building WWs. World's largest golding operation, perhaps? ;)
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Bear you know I have the greatest respect for you, but to be honest this was completely not what we expected considering we stood by you through it all.
We had so many opportunities to turn on you and even help with wonders but we gave you our word and we have even now not gone back from it.
We had a agreement to not hit and keep out of each other oceans well look at the oceans and see who actually completely did that you wont see a blood city in your ocean that crosses the ocean border line. Those that did we did tell you a while ago to take as not of any use to us. we swapped out ours, that is not the same for you and we often wondered why, guess you planned on hitting us all long.
As for nightdragon. what he did well not under the blood flag we had no influence over. But like we told you when he got here, he would be made to comply and we even honoured the refugee status.
Please tell me how many of your cities he took to make you want to war with us, again did he hit you as a blood.
We did come here to fight and have fun, but never thought for one minute those we had been friendly with from day one would turn on us, shows who values loyalties more.
Yes you helped us with defense for a short while thank you for that, but we did not attack you well building wonders, we defended you by not doing that, I think we paid back the debt.
How can you say this whole world was against you when we have never attacked you, its your alliance that is now forcing our hand to spill blood

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Ruth, I'm not saying the whole world was against us, I'm saying we're not picking on you specifically, but we're turning the whole world red. Yes, our choice, but it's nothing aimed at you as such, just about having a bit of fun before the world closes.

And no, we never planned to hit you at any stage before. You can tell our good faith; you handed us 33 cities, we gave you 95. I think that shows well enough that we were being straight with you - which we have been all the way through.

Nightdragon is just a weasel, and to be honest I was rather surprised you didn't kick him given his behaviour, I certainly would have. But that wasn't a reason for war, simply a reason why I didn't oppose it.

It's just that with the server won, all there is left is to fight all comers. Really nothing personal. I'm struggling to see what your issue is with it, but then I'm struggling to see what there is left to play for without such a war for any side left on the server - poor old Timberwolves I know think they can get a crown if they can somehow build 4 WWs, they don't seem to realise they need all 7, but I can't see what there is left in this world apart from a bit of fighting for any of us. Let's be honest, it's got to be more fun trying to get The Resurrected to fight us with you or merge into you than fight them, surely? And more interesting fighting us than them anyway?

And besides, maybe it will give me material for one last issue of the Nag. ;)
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I'm not a big forum guy, but I feel a need to weigh in here. Bear I've known you in my various caricatures since the beginning and you are the most straightforward and honest I have ever met here. Ruthie and Jim are the most caring founders I have ever played with to a fault. They take it to the extreme, they stand up for their people no matter what.

But the Bear is 100% correct, we came here to fight and have fun. My pixels aren't offended that Bear's pixels want to eat them... Why?
Because they are pixels!

Yes we make relationships in this game, and yes there is a community that makes this game stand above others. Diplomacy becomes an important part of this game and we all take our relationships and friendships that we make in this game to heart and that makes it special.

But at the end of the day we still have a war game. We said we came here not to win, but to fight and have fun. So let's do that!


hey friends, who hadnt got good fight in this world?


The Games over, The world is done, Everything else is just for fun. I can't believe the amount of salt of things that is going on post WW.


Could not agree more destroxxi - this world is now dead and buried, all remainers are doing is having a bit of fun, improving their stats and waiting for a new world


for goodness sake. who cares? Nagidos is dead and was so from the day the wonders merge was enacted.