Can i get some help?


I've been away from the game for about 2 years now. I have some time on my hands and want to get back in. experienced player wanting a rundown on whats going on in this world. Which alliances are looking solid/where they're located.

Can anyone help a guy out?


Welcome back to the game!

I can give you a short breakdown of the world but don't expect too much haha.

Most interesting thing to note is that a lot of the top alliances here have stated that they will have no pacts and will not hug, let's see if this turns out to be true (hopefully!).

Top 5

1. The Commission - Solid premade. They will go far this world. Top of both O45 and O55.

2. Anarchaos - Another solid premade, who will also go far. Top of O44.

3. Atlantis - Don't really know who these guys are, possibly a MRA? 2nd in O44 with a presence in all four core oceans. Can't see them surviving too long.

4. *Reapers Revenge* - I know nothing about this alliance. 2nd in O45.

5. JANFU - Ditto. Plus, you won't get in if you don't know what a JANFU is
Presence in both O54 and O55.

Only a few alliances of note in the bottom half of the top 10.

Two premades dropped at the end of BP so may be worth applying to those if you're late to the world.

Fiasco United in O45, pretty scary looking team.

Confetti (my alliance) in O54, pretty harmless team but we love fun

As far as oceans are concerned, I would say O54 is the "easiest" ocean, although you need to watch out for the 6 members of Just for Laughs, depending on who you ask.

That's about it so far. It's a very slow growing world but it promises to be a good one if the big boys can resist hugging.

Best of luck!
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Don't forget REPUBLIC 11...dominating 046 all the way