Can PLs keep this up?


It's rather pathetic and very low. What you can't see Tiller is that people at some point have to change their views according with what happens in the game. You are talking about honor and about trust and so on. You used some of the thoughts I shared with you in good trust when things looked hopeless to try to prove some point. You proved only that you have no honor and nobody can trust you. Absolutely lame and pathetic...
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I am just curious because I know there is also a NAP between SI and ZEP so all the talk from Tiller is just Hot Air.

I am tired of all this hot air being spilled all around...


Hahahaha, Get a life tiller!!! You seem so depressed!! Must i remind you that this is a game!!!

And why are you still whinging? You DiDn't like it in SI so you left. Why go writing essays ranting and raving on an external forum that hardly anyone reads. Better things in life than sitting in a forum arguing.

I keep hearing you say pathetic. I think you are decribing yourself, hehe


Tiller seems to be all up in arms about some of the Jugg players joining SI, huh.

I have to it jealousy or fear?
Really though, what other emotions could make a person speak in such irrational tones?

Do you feel betrayed in some fashion?

Really though, what is it?

The whole putting Robb on blast at the level you just did is pretty low man. If you were a man before, your man card just just got pulled.


Nut up or shut up.


Actually i agree with Tiller in many of his views... This is what ruins Grepolis, no one ever dies, only ghosts or merges...

What tiller doesnt know is that Juggs didnt merge into SI - Juggs got outplayed, and capitulated - and joined SI as losers of the war between SI/Juggs

Now you can ask yourself, should SI had killed the remains of Juggs, just to say that they rimmed them - If it had been months ago, yes - but at the rate peoples activity declines nowadays, no...

More and more players are leaving, and to not do this, would had meant that SI would in a few months time had went to fight PL with 20-30 active players

Besides rimming juggs wouldnt had been possible, just going by the slots it would take.... would had taken months to do so, and if SI wants to fight pl for WW - thats months they cannot lose

Xiv de Vratislavia

I love all these peeps who keep saying what a great game the PL have played. We let them play this way, at the beginning the "coalition" should have stayed together against the 4 PL alliances, but we didn't.
And that's a real shame as I a few of PL players left because of boredom.

Some people come here to win (and that takes about 18 months of your life) and some only to have some fun.


PL is a extremely tough group of players, there online times are random making them a true force to reckon with. SI is gonna make PL look like puppies though. I don't really like SI, I had a runins with them in Delphi making me bias from the get go of this world, but SI is a true super power always have been, some how they never lose it's truly puzzling.

I find SI to be extremely BullHeaded, and honeslty arrogant........ But if they can back it up which they can what can I do? I don't have near the playing time, nor the know how. If Bald ever comes back I will rethink my opinion on them, I think he is the only leader out of the bunch that is sain.