...CANCER... alliance more impressive than they seem


Although in the top 12's there has been a couple brief posts saying how ...CANCER... is impressive to get rank 11, I don't think anyone really understands what else they have achieved

1. They are all in Ocean 9.
2. Through BP trading (it seems like they must have saved the x4 bp multipliers, and once one of their players activates them the other two feed him/her BP) 2 of their players are top 10 defenders one being rank 15 fighter
3. Also alot came from the old imperial coalition

Did anyone else realise this? Lol.
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I have a feeling the bp is correct but is just from Imperium sending long range attacks of which some don't have ls escort. I might be wrong but I think this is what one of them told me. Not sure why they left the alliance though to start a new one.


From what I know, they got the bp from the cities they used to have in imperium territory, they had them all stacked with units and it was a bp fest. They occasionally pop up with cities colonized near us and raid our cities. Gotta say, for a 3 man alliance, they are really good!