canis lupus


formally the hornets(who were infultrated) now we are back bigger better and stronger than ever before.

we aim to be the best

we are rank 47 in the world

over 80,000 points

28 members

some big

some small

what i am trying to say is what ever your size check your ocean if it is a canis lupus ocean you could join

We are recruiting in O25, O35, O36!

We are looking for...

1. Active players
2. Players active on forums
3. Players in O47, O25, O35, O36, O37
4. Good players
5. Unexperianced players to help
6. Experianced players

The Wrath Of Canis Lupus!

Canis Lupus are a peaceful alliance. We are loyal to fellow pacts and members, and will fight for justice. We are a developing alliance and are looking for new members to strengthen our alliance.

This is the wrath of Canis Lupus don't even think to attack, join and betray us. If you do, be ready to be conquered worse than ever.
The empire of all your city's will be conquered one by one and Canis Lupus will be on the World 11 throne! So join now before your city is conquered and turned into a unit factory or instead be overwhelmed by the wrath of Canis Lupus!!!

For diplomacy contact Jack3881 or leave a reply

Contact 44 magnumgun, Jack3881, Newelly or Superboy9000 for an invite!or leave a reply

join the family NOW
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I just joined Grepolis, my bf got me into it... I'm interested in looking for an alliance before my beginners protection runs out... I have 407 pts and I'm located in 36


Welcome to the game daciana. Canis Lupus is probably an ideal alliance for new players they could teach you the ropes then you can move on to a better alliance or even stay there. Thing you need to look for is how well they are organized and if they have some beginners guides so you can learn. If they dont have any of that just message me in game and im sure i could scrounge something up for you.