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World Hermonassa Caption Battle

Welcome to this short and fun forum competition. The objective of this game is to be creative and come up with the best caption for a picture of your choosing.

  • Must actively play in Hermonassa.
  • Submit your entry by private message to me on the forums.
  • Captions should somehow be Grepolis related.
  • No profanity are allowed in any of the pictures.
  • No image effect altering are allowed.
  • Do not send me a piece after end date.
  • Do not plagiarize another piece.
  • You may vote here to choose which picture you would like to choose to do.
  • Have fun!

Recommended Requirements
Have some knowledge in paint to add in text.
*If you are having trouble, feel free to pm me for directions on how to add a white box.

Congratulatory thread for the winner, and 200 rep points!

Competition Dates
End Date for picture choosing: 2/9/14
End Date for submission: 2/13/14
End Date for voting: 2/16/14
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Your picture has been chosen. Please send me your caption on the image through private message on forums. Please title the message "Hermonassa Caption Battle" otherwise I will not accept your entry. Thanks!
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