Casual Settings


This type of server was not a bad idea. I tip my hat to those crafty Germans ;)

The purpose of the 20% is to keep the vultures off the little guys and bring a more casual atmosphere here.
More skirmishes between small groups and individuals and less big opps between mega guilds.
This relieves some of the pressure chasing the little guys from the game that just get ganged up on in other world types.

That said, the idea is unfinished.
Settings as is will kill this world. (the shackles are too tight and absolute)

What you will get
RELENTLESS hammering from same size opponents as the options of who they can attack are way too limited.

Others unwilling to go through the effort simply will not attack at all.

These restraints prevent common interguild city moves and other administrative type actions as well.
(I have already had people leave my small crew for no other reason than there were not enough people in it to allow a simple city transfer because no one was his size)

Friends of unequal sizes simply can not interact.

Others will find ways to use this game feature in a manner that allows them to attack others with no immediate retaliation possible.

There are simple fixes

Recommended modifications: And/or

1) Change the 20% to 40% <<<< the easiest to code. I could probably do it myself. Point me at your server farm.

2) Give us the option to "pop our cork" and function outside the 20% with any one else who "pops their cork." Leaving the protection on those who still
it Like turning PK/RED in other games. <<<<< this being voluntary not a lot of room to complain here.

3) Have the 20% sunset after you reach a set number of cities or points. Im talking 40 cities. Alternately 1/3rd a million points?
The 20% still applicable to those targets under the arbitrary city/point total.

4) Allow all attacks on any one wearing your guild tag for city hand overs/exchanges <<<< this should be implemented rearguard less of what other
option/s are chosen.

5) A pop up window to accept an "OUT OF 20% RANGE" attack. Or alternately an invite window to attack. A simple authorization list.

6) Change the 20% "NO ATTACK" to "NO REVOLT." <<<<<<< work around potential high here, but it is an option.

If this feature is left as is one can easily launch all their attacks on an opponent then change their size mid attack to avoid any immediate retaliation.
There will be cries of disdain, screams of bloody murder, and gnashing of teeth.
This is only one of a dozen ways I have already thought of to use this feature to my advantage. 20% is too small as is.
If this is not changed I WILL use this feature to the best of my ability.
Please prevent the rage quits and fix this. This server style has a lot of potential.

Possibly also change the protection so that cities with 7 days or more INACTIVE status can be attacked, as long as player is not VM anyway, and more than 14 can be revolted.