"Centre your city on the map after switching cities" off, mobile


Proposal: I would like to be able to turn " Centre your city on the map after switching cities " off.

Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?

Reason: For the same reasons I have it unchecked on the browser, and I assume others as well. There are times that I do not want to lose my place just by changing cities while looking at the map. There is an arrow above the map at the lower left that lets me move to my city,.

Details: A simple check box in "Map settings" as on the browser that allows me to change cities without changing my location on the map.

Visual Aids:


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This would make the app better.

I don't think inno cares about the app. My pretty simple suggestion has been up for a while without a reply from any admin or anything. with 4g you can use the browser version as long as you don't open to many windows. 5g should make the browser version work on smart phones well so I guess they want players to hold their breath and wait for technology.

To work around this flaw in the app, I select the town I'm wanting to hold the position of then hit info. Then I can scroll trough my cities and select support/trade/attack and still have whatever city targeted. You can't be still looking at the map but you can get by.


I support this idea. A simple fix to make the app more playable.


Good idea. Also I'd like Inno to fix it so when you click on a city on the app it doesn't take two tries to find it.