Changes in data endpoints


I run a Grepolis statistics website and since Friday there have been some apparent changes to the data endpoints that all third party websites use (e.g. We use the headers of these files to determine if we need to pull them. This headers tells us the 'ETag' and the 'Last-Modified' timestamp of the last time the file was updated. Usually these files are updated once per hour; we notice the change in header and pull the file to update our database.

Current (wrong) behavior:
However, since friday there have been some intervals during which the endpoints were updated multiple times per hour. The header of the files was changed multiple times per hour to a new ETag and timestamp, even though the contents of the file had not changed. This has resulted in us having to pull the exact same file multiple times per hour in order to check for changes.

The current workaround would be to only pull the file once per hour, ragardless of ETag and timestamps. This would result in a degraded service to our users. There is already a bad delay between these endpoints and the actual state of the game. This issue is only making that delay for third party websites worse.

Expected behavior:
The ETag and timestamp of the data endpoints should only be updated if the contents of the file have changed. Please restore the functionality of the data endpoint headers.

Thank you.

P.S. The outdated Grepolis API could do with a total rework..
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