Important Changes to the Forum Rules


It has become increasingly apparent that players are disregarding the requests of the Mods to discontinue posts about Accusations of Cheating, and the Discussion of Bans. While these have never been explicitly stated in the Rules themselves, they have formed a part of the policy of these Forums since the beginning.

However, from today, onwards, they have now been explicitly stated in the Rules, and as such, this Announcement serves as notice to all Forum users that breaches of these newly stated rules will continue to be dealt with accordingly. The changes are as follows:

Guidelines for the forum
  • Threads which suggest, or allege, any cheating/botting/multi-accounting/etc... are prohibited on the Forums. The proper venue for those matters are through Support Tickets

Players are not allowed to discuss In-Game or Forum bans.
For reference, those two Rules have always formed a part of the following Rules:

  • Treat each other with respect and remain polite.

Guidelines for the forum
  • The moderators have the right to edit or delete posts and close topics. Please follow their instructions.
  • If you notice that your post or topic was deleted, it has been removed for a good reason. Do not rewrite it. If need be, PM the moderator in question about why it was removed.

  • Please note that we reserve the right to ban or infract players, even if they haven't violated a particular stated forum rules.
As always, if there are any questions about the application of the Forum Rules, send me a PM, and I will clarify it.