Well bearing in mind he gets banned in every world he plays in I wouldnt bet against it.

He'll be playing with one of his other accounts, I know of 4 of them lol


@Kosti and @MasterSpy
you have now your own threat , no need boxing else. By the way
why Charlie ruin servers? No idea - put down why.

However almost 9/10 ruin much more than this guy that offers nice laught moments, even if the same grepolis who let frauds and focus creating events it ruining it more in reality. Maybe the way few make others to play(?) Digg pages?

Internal BP, nap to build WW, any ghost to eat, pauses, 00 sea for zeros. Nego to WW transfers. nego cities transfers. 2h inactive let's take that city. The enemy player is active... let's say that game has finished and go to other worlds taking internals and ghosts.

All Prof nappers, page digger-simmers, grepo-retired simmers to go to one alliance and add yr scope. Don't need to distribute in all alliances as leaders or not and... ruin the rest.
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Charlie...most over rated, dirtiest, gold abusing cheat in the his credit though, he is good at one thing...ruining worlds and grepo for others.
What little time I spent playing/fighting with him was actually some of the most fun that i've had. He isn't ruining worlds, ppl like you are.