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That you can chat with allies, where you have a confederation with.

That in the chat chatting with allieswhere you have a confederation with. At the top of the bar where "Chat" state. In addition, your allies. And you only need to click the name of the ally. Then appear all members of that alliance, the members of your alliance that is currently active in the chat. You can also click on multiple allies. You can of course at any time ally remove the chat, by clicking on it again. So you do business only with your alliance partners to discuss.

Abuse Prevention
This I think not. Allies trust you and you can change them at any time remove from the chat.

Visual aids

This is useful if you simply want to discuss things with your allies.

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I think the chat has to be improved to make it more powerful and allow better interaction among players.

* Possibility to see who is connected and initiate a session without having to open the Chat window, as there are some actions that close all open windows

* Configure visibility to None/Alliance/Allies/Everybody to preserve privacy

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No world chat... that would be horrendous with the current chat system

I like this idea though you can do chats on different sites

Lord Eddie Web

I have always seen chat work well with online gaming. There should be a embedded chat form that would allow several tabs. World chat, Alliance you have pacts with, Alliance chat and maybe an island chat. This is an awesome way to carry on conversations and generally get to know your crew and other players. For those that don't like this allow them to turn it off.


The chat definitely needs to be improved. In 'Goodgame Empire' there is a small live chat box at the bottom of the game play screen. It shows the last 3 or 4 posts. If someone needs something or has a question, it's right there. There is also a tab on the Alliance screen which opens a large chat screen. This one shows who is online. it makes communication much faster and easier.


Please no. I still haven't got over the horror of the chat that we had in 1.0

However, a chat would be good but it should not show who is online since it would be dangerous with respect to spies and stalkers.