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As of today we have a lot of new species for sale in the "O54 shop", both the new and old species are listed below.

-The Jackrabbitz

This species has been around for a while now, although most of them are still relatively new to the game. This species is quite harmless(18 members 16k total bp) and every so often they act as if they're dead. They most certainly are not living up to their name.

-The backstabbing Bunny

Our brand new species, quite a lot of them still left. We do however expect we will run out quite quickly. After having a NAP with EG for about a month and after being pacted with EG since 19/5/2014 they have decided to take the following actions:

6:40 AM 3/6/2014 - Pact dissolved without any message.
11:00 AM 3/6/2014 - First EG city has been claimed by a bunny.
11:16 AM 3/6/2014 - EG asked what the claim was about. ~No response.
11:22 AM 3/6/2014 - Shared reservation has been deleted.
4:30 PM 3/6/2014 - The Bunniez launched their first attacks​

-The retarded Bunny

This is a rather unknown species so far, but we expect to find more of them as the time goes by. Until now we have only been able to catch two of them.

The first one was the bunny that reserved a city before the shared reservation had been deleted.

Secondly there's the bunny that made their in game profile and was unable to write the word "member" correctly three times.

And last, but not least

-The rimmed Bunny

According to the latest research we expect this species to grow exponential. Soon there should be enough of this species to takeover the world... although it most likely won't be this world.



+Rep to you sir :D
Bad thing about starting on the rim is you get everyones seconds :supermad:


Nice Pnp, I would +rep but need to spread it around again.