are grepo admin doing anything to catch the cheats on this world .as if the big boys dont have most of advantages anyway .. what are other peoples thoughts on this .. dont say luck when 6000 biremes 850 transports all land same time as cs


@wrightybfc1 Come on, I did that all the time back when I was in LOTR a few years ago and u didn't say anything? :p

My timing guide was in the forums back then - u just didn't learn ahaha.

Of course, I wouldn't be dumb enough to do 6k bir : 850 FTS, who are these noobs you speak of? (and don't tell me it was 850 FTS of swo as well)
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Imagine using timers and anchors in multiple cities to get +1s or same second timings only to be accused of cheating...
Getting outplayed is not an excuse to assume someone is cheating brah.
Work on your snipes?