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Fist Of The North Star

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No more discussion an debate to be had in the 'Alliances' forum please. keep that forum only for recruitment.

Feel free to discuss all you wish to about an alliance within Chi in this thread, Give opinions on how you believe they will fair, poke fun at their stats and credibility or whatever

Project monolith
Irish war wolves
Northern Unity
(fist of the)North star federation ;)
Black Flag
Tri Of Chi

Remember I will not accept direct insults to other players, offensive language or heated arguments. Please treat this as 'tongue in cheek' and always post with light-hearted and humorous intent

If you feel you want to create a specific thread on an alliance you may, but do this within 'General discussion'

Fotns is watching always.........
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I think when the server starts, then a month passes I'll have a solid idea of who's going to do well - For the following month.

Until then, I think there's a whole lot of smack talk which will never be followed up on. (40% of the people who read this post will of quit Chi after a month)


Is hard to keep up with everybody else once school starts and thats why i quitted grepolis in the first place


The new alliance "Idiots Are Here" are without exception a group of over-hyped fail forum personalities who can't perform in-game or anywhere else for that matter..

Hay Hay Hay!


I've had a quick look through and couldn't see any other alliances starting in the SE? Which is weird as SE is normally the battleground for most worlds...


my prediction:
.ranked one is going to be idiots. there gonna anoy everyone by taking there citys, be in there face and allie wise i reckon theyl have at the most two allies.
.ranked two will be DBD, there going to do well, hopefully better than other worlds, just hope they dont turn to an MRA.
.Ranked 3 project monoloth. There players seem to have no skill and they will be an MRA. there also going to get picked on by other alliances
.Ranked 4 northern unity. not much to say they wont be to good but they may suprise me.
.Ranked 5 FURIOUS FARMERS. very trollish, hopefully not mra but may do at the start to get some players. will be very aggressive.
.ranked 6 Irish wolves. will be picked on loads.
theres six do the rest really count?


Nothing really counts until the world opens i guess, it's why i haven't recruited anyone yet, at this point it's all talk. Just a couple more days and things will start to get interesting and we will see who will live up to their word :D


I think he may be bad mouthing your alliance, I ain't too sure though.

At any rate, he should be careful - I know you had plenty of people doubting how well MRA would do on Phi.

But, you proved them all wrong by leaving after a week and never posting on the forum again..

garrison thac

I think its funny how there is all this talk about who is going to be good and who is going to be bad in a world that has not even started yet. And that there are so many people in the forums trying to be heroes already talking about how awesome there alliance will be. I can say only one thing... The strongest alliances are rarely talked about in the forum before the world starts... most premade forum alliances seem to fail only shortly after the world starts... Look at how Nexus did in Phi... Everyone thought they were going to own Phi... How long did they even last? A week maybe? As for The Heist and whichever "Project" he is on... Maybe you should try getting away from the projects and do what works... Lol... Judging from your past behaviors that I have experienced this alliance will be a lot of talk and little action... And considering the amount of talking you have been doing it seems you have already made a few enemies... Not a good way to start out before the world even opens up with multiple players/alliances already wanting you/your alliances cities... :cool:
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