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Since Chris wants to email me and then block me, then email me and block me like a 5 yr old. I'll post his conversation here so I can respond. He cries for respect all the time but doesn't earn it. Especially when he acts like a little kid all the time. Here is my response to your blocking messages...

Iminyourpolis today at 15:36
who did you bust up on your own team, wasnt mine
so to answer your question my screen looked hilarious

The RedPill today at 15:37
Not sure. Guess ill find out in a bit! :)

The RedPill today at 15:39
I know who it was. :p Grep wasnt letting them recall it.
Im finding the update really buggy. Anyway. Talk later.

Iminyourpolis today at 15:41
you mean block me later

The RedPill today at 15:42
Still sour about that? I think its all water under the bridge now polis.
I could have been a real llama the other night, but i wasnt. And i wont be. Would now expect the same level of respect.

Iminyourpolis today at 15:48
you renamed your cities like a little kid, but you want respect? And Im not sour about anything you do you think you get under my skin, you don't. It's just funny how you act and things you do but then you think a few days go by and you expect respect.

The RedPill today at 15:51
No worries. Next time ill stay asleep and you can have the city all to yourself.

Id rather give you one my cities than you keep being such a fun sponge. :) Youre right, it is no fun you attacking all the people around me and not me. So just play the game for how it is, rather than going after the people you know you can win against.

Youre a good player, fight some good players.

Iminyourpolis today at 15:53
lol I fight everyone...don't I? Is there anyone I haven't tried to cs? Just because that was your first time. And I fight active players...constantly. So don't give me that bs lol

The RedPill today at 15:54
I didnt say active players. I said good players. :)
Give me a few cities in 66 and ill happily go head to head. Just for fun, completely forget about this war and wonders. Just for fun and BP.

The RedPill today at 15:54
Not that you consider me a good player. lol

Iminyourpolis today at 15:55
If you are saying I don't fight good players, you are saying there are no good players in MOS. Pretty sad. Because besides taking a few cities from TDK which I could do in my sleep with no support needed...I fight everyone in MOS and that's the only team I fight. I can't believe you just said your team sucks.

The RedPill today at 15:58
I dont know about you fighting all of the players in MOS.

You barely even fight half of them. lol.

Twisting my words will get you nowhere kid, if you want to just keep trying to "win" during every conversation then just stop replying. lol.

Iminyourpolis today at 16:00
The RedPill today at 15:54
I didnt say active players. I said good players. :)

I fight any and all MOS within my area. Wouldn't you say my area surrounded by MOS is pretty llama big? Can you name anyone who fights MOS more then I do? You guys used to complain I had no attack bp...but now you can't argue that anymore. As bad as a position I was in completely surrounded by MOS I'm pretty sure I've taken more MOS cities then I've lost from MOS saying I'm a good player was correct...saying I don't fight anyone good is bashing your own team which you did say.

The RedPill today at 16:04
Youre also very arrogant and believe that everyone in MOS is beneath you.

if you cant win then thats everything to you in this game, i just dont like that.

Youve taken plenty of MOS cities, sure.. but i doubt many of them have been a real challenge have they? Mainly because you go in as soon as you think a player is offline and in an ocean where youve got a huge amount of support turning up right afterwards.

I wont take back that youre a good player. I think this conversation is pretty much over, im done arguing. lol. You want to win then thats cool, you win.

You too mate. ;)
Iminyourpolis today at 16:10
Chris you are being a hypocrit. You just said I do, exactly what your team does to me. As I said I go after everyone...and there are people I've gone after in MOS ran an OP on and didn't know there sleep times. I still don't know everyone's. Some were onliny and sniped or stacked and some I still landed on. And I think MOS is beneath me because it's called psychological warfare which I've completely owned you in because ever time I talk down to you, you get and block me which is hiliarious. I could give two llamas about MOS. Anyone who knows me knows I don't take myself serious but when I talk to MOS I get all in your guys heads like I'm some arrogant prick and it gets in all your heads and makes you hate me more and then my bp just keeps adding up. But you guys havent figured that out yet. I just had to tell you about it for you to have a clue. I told you a long time ago I was going to win the server and yes that is and has been my goal. And it shall be done. You have tried hard but you have made bad recruiting decisions. Not much else to say...but....have a nice day? lol

The RedPill today at 16:12
Overconfidence is a bad trait. Not a good one.

You too mate. ;)

Iminyourpolis today at 16:14
My stas speak for themself.

The RedPill today at 17:02
The hundreds of drowning troops in my harbor say alot more.

Underestimating your enemy is also not a great trait.

(here is where he blocked me yet again so here is my response)

Are you really talking to me about hundreds of drowning troops in your harbor? I have almost 1 million dbp contributed from MOS blowing **** up on my cities of which most of the time are really noob attacks and free bp, and you are messaging me about a few troops dying in your harbor? lol

Here is a reality check Chris. You lost this server as soon as you started a thread about how MOS already has this server won. You're decision making and recruiting skills has started MOS down a path to no where. You have MOS building baby islands in southern 65 thinking this is a good idea instead of just being offensive and moving into ocean 65 and our areas. You recruited a large group of simmers and defenders hoping and praying you can survive the rest of the server. But reality is it's already lost. You can sim in a couple of oceans you have 800+ cities for a long while and you're team will probably be around when world wonders comes around but you'll be the laughing stock of Pella by then. You're stats will have dropped a significant amount more then they already have. And I don't mean city points Chris which you're little buddy Redemption Blue pointed out. You'll spend all your time taking internals and turtling and reminiscing of the days MOS actually had some power. The few attacking/offensive players are already getting tired and irritated of carrying the weight for the rest of the simmers.
Many of which have and are contemplating quitting they just don't want to be the first to do it. Who wants to be around to watch MOS fall? SKull doesn't I can tell you that, and he won't be. Who is next. Cuz once guys like Skull go grey your team is going to drop like flies Chris and there will be no more noobs to recruit. And then you'll have some grand excuse about how life is just too important and busy and you'll find a way to weasel out. I said weasel cuz that's what weasels do. So you go from starting a thread about how you already had this server won, to your next thread which gaming isn't everything and everyone who is beating you has no life and you think life is more important that's why you aren't winning this server. I can tell from your chat up top that I copied for everyone...that you are already leaning toward that excuse. Preparing it. So now that everyone knows you really have no confidence in your team. You think your team is weak because I don't fight and take cities from anyone good...I'm going to compose a list for you...take 10 minutes out of my busy give a shout out to players I've taken cities from and a list of players I fight actively over the last couple of months in MOS...because everyone knows I only fight MOS. (of course with the exception of a couple TDK here and there).

So without further ado....

32 cities lost to MOS.

29 taken.

31 is a lot of cities to lose. But considering both large groups of cities I lost were in oceans I was outnumbered by MOS by the hundreds of cities. This is all while being quaked multiple times daily, caves cleared daily, and being MOS public enemy #1. I've made the biggest comeback and turn around of anyone on this server. When I first started to war MOS I had 19 or so cities. Now I will be the first to reach 100. In the meantime Chris I blew by you in cities and most stats while you sit around and twiddle your thumbs and think about what to rename your cities.

Here is a list of people I actively fight and have taken cities off of that you claim aren't any good. In no particular order too btw....

Ellarana (banned for cheating, so sad)
Skull Cap
Drizatt Awful Terrible
lazy soul
David Bramon
Roni the Great
Lord Cratoes

at least 26 players on your 64 man roster I've battled with. That's 40%? Almost half your team at one point or another and you tell me "I need to battle good players". Apart from 2-3 TDK guys there is no one else to put on my list Chris so if you want to explain who else you are talking my guest.

I've said this before but do me a favor. Make sure you don't quit before you watch MOS continue to fall. I want you to be there for the whole thing.

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And then you'll have some grand excuse about how life is just too important and busy and you'll find a way to weasel out.
What he said to me moS went on holiday or are sick everyone had surgery?

MoS "under new management" has gone massively and rapidly down hill some players are still good but near every player brought in last while is just cannon fodder to keep everyone away from chris and O55/65

Dave Y

WOW. I am not going to embarrass Chris anymore than he already has, but he wrote to me a couple messages today and then blocked me too.....childish


Claim we've lost the server, but you're the ones on externals still talking about us. LoL.

Guess i'll start worrying when I get the urge to post about you..(hint, never)


Godhand even you must see that the once mighty MOS is now a shell of its former self, all you need to do is look at their conquest page and this can be easily seen.


There's one their better players gone/going after a months worth attacks so if he one the best they/you's got how the rest going to cope?