Closed Christmas Advent Calendar - December 24th - Zeus' Lottery


Grepolis Team

Welcome to the final day of our Advent Calendar. Today we have a lottery with a difference.
Pick 2 numbers from the left side and add them together then multiply by one number from the right. For example:

3 + 5 = 8
x 12 = 96 - Post 96
This is not a correct answer - post your answers in the thread. We have the answer and the closest will win.

1st 800
2nd 400
3rd 300

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Grepolis Team
Great job guys. Thats the last of our Advent Calendar.

The winning combination was 169 (6+7) x 13

We have 2 players who were within 13 of this @Marcus Commodus with 182 and @Witchbane with 156. So there i will split 1st and 2nd prize and give 600 each.

Then we also have a tie at third with 2 players on 144 @abagigi68 and @Jaime66 so there we will split 3rd and give 150 each.

Thanks to all who participated - Happy Christmas.