Christmas Came Early


Have to agree with silver here, RL comes first but I think if he creates a premade, bothers you so much discuss it in private messages don't blow up a thread with a bunch of arguing. I think sinse he is wanting to lead this alliance it's his descision who he takes or don't take and if you have bad history why would he take you, things could happen again. Hey that's just my opinion on this matter. Goodluck though with this but not interested.
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Okay... did some cleaning. Kind of hard to distinguish what was off topic. I removed messages that mostly contained talk about actions taken other said worlds. If I deleted something that shouldn't have been removed, please send me a PM and I will look into it.

The Metatron

Im down, if you will have me ive been playing for 4 yrs, won a world, attended Juliard, like long walks on the beach telling each other our most intimate se.... blah blah blah.


@The Smilodon Fatalis
Having read this entire thread I only have 1 question
You! That's right @The Smilodon Fatalis , FED INTO THE TROLL
You decided to
1)Deny a Player from Joining Your Alliance
2)Further State That You Will Do It Again (Especially for 4 other Players)
3)Argue about events that occured in Tegea and other worlds with XxDarkOdinxX, DeusVeult, and Lethal-Bacon

And this is the best part, NOW you act high and mighty on your horse and cry to Figtree "Clean It Up"
If you are going to create a thread, and continue to create an argument in your own thread, the only person responsible is you.
You had other options such as Pm'ing them in the externals where you could continue the conversation there
For me, you created a problem with your own actions, and you should own up to it. You were part of the group that "De-Railed" this thread.

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ive read this post 5 times. and i still dont see the 1 question. i think you dont words well.
Heads up this is launching (US) and recruitment is closed. Might be surprised what the team looks like ;). Reason why I didn't post the roster is because I didn't want to start a hype train and defeat the original purpose and/or get people that we end up hating.

Sadly I've only succeeded in half of this. We are scrapping the original purpose due to the settings. Sorry new players :(
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