Closed Christmas Challenges: Funny pics - Give your pet a voice......


Grepolis Team

Challenge 6 - Give your pet a voice
Here is your chance to post a pic of your favourite pet or indeed any well loved animal. It can be grep or Christmas related.

We will give 5 x 500 gold chosen at random from those who participate. We will make posts visible so they can be seen by anyone but we have to do this after moderation in this thread so there will still be a short delay.

This comp is open until 20.00.00 on 18th December.

This one is Bumble - hes my best friend :) He likes to sleep a lot so he's not the greatest grep player but of course he loves the game.

bumble asleep.png


Sorin Markov

This is my little piggie Tracey! She has trouble reaching all the buttons sometimes...Tracey Grepo.png
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