Christmas Event


if youre talking about wheel, they've done it every year. I really don't like this event, no strategy involved and more gold means more OP stuff. In many other events you can get way more out of them even without using gold


These events suck, I agree, if you want people to spend gold, this isn't the way to do it, neither is it a good way to keep players interested in the game with rubbish rewards, i've always had a firm belief the events are partially rigged anyway to entice you to spin that one more time, or get those 10 extra shots in that stupid roman pottery smashing event because you've got all the low scores, those 10 would MAKE SURE that you got all the 20s for that wave (3 days on the trot no 20's unless it's with purchased shots, weird isn't it, and yes I am still salty about that)

Inno are just cashing in and each time the rewards on the event are far more distant in quality, instead of having tough choices on what you choose to spend them on, or being happy that you at least got something that's useful, even if it wasn't what you quite wanted, NOW you end up being annoyed that you keep getting the 6k resource packages instead of that SWEET SWEET 18 manty token, or getting constant tyche's defense bonuses instead of attack ones, because who uses those defensive buffs unless it's to just free up inventory space - walls are not a thing on conquest, the reward has such a niche usage it just ends up taking up space

Rant over