Passed City Governments

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I hope the first post is updated.

  • 10% increase in favor production for that city.
  • Spells enacted on the city will do 15% more damage/ be 15% less effective.
Look at the favor production formula. Please try to count a real random production value and then count 10% from that. It's nothing. However, 15% less/more effective spells means a huge disadvantage (according to this government bonus). And how are you going to deal with spells Lighting bolt, Divine sign, Earthquake, Patroness, City Protection, Illusion or Purification? How do you want to count 15% from their effect? I think the game contains 16 spells which can be casted on city. There are 7 spells which can't be affected by this disbonus.

  • 20% increase in base resource production.
  • Inflation, 10% of all incoming resources goes to fund the city.
So, all incoming resources from spells, looting and trades? It means that bonus depends on world speed and disbonus is constant. That's not fair.

  • 10% increase in offensive troop fighting strength.
  • Favor production is 5% lower in that city.
It's not balanced again as it's similar to the first government type. 5% is nothing! Let's say you have the temple on lvl. 20 and a world at speed 1. By the formula you get result 4.47. 5% from this number is 0,22. Oh my god! And now consider that result is round by math rules = 0. Have you thought about this fact?

  • 10% increase in defensive troop fighting strength.
  • Buildings and researches take 5% longer.
Building and researching is performed especially in early game stages. So, the disadvantage doesn't keep its impact for the whole game which isn't good, of course. Early game stages are also special in fact that there aren't battles with big armies on both sides... In result, we can say that disadvantage goes to be weaker and bonus to be stronger during phases of the game. On fast worlds, 5% is again nothing. Imagine that a building order takes 4hrs... 5% = 12 mins. Oligarchy is another (quite strong) bonus for defenders... for free.

  • 7.5% increase in population.
  • Troops take 15% longer to reach their destination.
Population is the most valuable thing in the game and you want to add 267 pop almost for free. The bonus is the most usable for players who actively fight... that means players who are really near to their enemy. I never attack on distances longer than 1 hour... 15% = 9 mins. I see no difference. You should also unit speed as well. The EN market isn't the only one... there are many smaller markets where map is empty comparing to worlds on big markets. So, if on these worlds is unit speed e.g. 3 (maybe only 2), centers of top alliances are usually near to each other. I remember situation in which we build WWs in our center which was 1.5 hr distant from enemy base. You haven't take this into account.


  • Research and buildings take 10% less time to finish
  • Hero can't take residence in the city
Unusable on fast worlds and in later game stages.

  • 7.5% of the troops attacking your city turn back out of fear
  • Your people despise you and thus your city will be conquered 12.5% faster.
You are a conquest player, right? I consider that on revolt worlds the first 12hrs phase would be shorter... for 1.5 hour. However, you usually don't need 10.5 hours to gather support. Let imagine cities where the bonus can be useful. I think city near to enemy is the right one... but this city is owned (or should be) by active player who reports revolt in max. 3 hours. And keep on mind tripwires (team mate can attack you with small attack after his tripwire falls so he can find out that your city is cleared even you are offline). So, on revolt worlds this disbonus won't affect anything... it will disbalance the game even more. In later game phases it's currently almost impossible to conquer city without co-operated mass attacks.

  • Mythical units fight 7.5% stronger.
  • For every mythical unit lost, you will lose 2.5 favor.
Finally, the last one. The disbonus is simply a bad joke. If I attack with 50 mants, I will lose 125 favor which I gain back in 1 hour on world speed 3 and later game stage (where you probably will recruit the most myth units). In 1 hour... but I doubt losses caused by the bonus will be replenished in 1 hour. And what about envoys which are recruited in hundreds? And what if I have no favor? If I expect (I know about attack or I attack) that I lose some myth units, I can spend favor before...

The capital city feature
The dev team is working on better experience and easier surviving for new players... and for less active. However, the whole suggested design of this feature in fact supports the worst issue of the game. Players who don't gold their cities and/or aren't so active don't grow quickly... extra building levels would make this gap even deeper. Some cities wouldn't be conquered as well... So, players would be forced to search for these capital cities and then cast lighting bolts to take down the senate. Do you want to see tactics based on casting lighting bolts in this game? I don't.

The extra researches
Improved Weapons - It's similar to phalanx but ok.
Imperial Guard - Similar to town guard but why not?
Reinforced Hulls - see improved weapons.
Irrigation - As I said, population is the most valuable and it should stay like this. 500 pop + 15 farm level... oh. What if capital city is on clearly enemy island? Quite frustrating.
Ritual Sacrifice - Again nothing new... similar to divine selection. I'm not strongly against almost same technologies but it's kinda strange.
Whispering Winds - Can't imagine practical usability.
Master Architect - Nice idea however I'm again worried about disbalanced game on revolt worlds.
Skilled Physicians - The last and the only thing which I clearly approve in this idea.

I have to ask you - Have you ever thought about the idea? Or it's all by random? Have you ever played the game? I don't want to be rude but it's rubbish.
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