City Names


Black Velvet Elvis
First idea was too long -> Beauty School Dropout
but will change it soon to somerhing better7more interesting when I get good idea...


Hello Guys I'm Nickossa,

I find in this game due to the oceans being divided between so many oceans it is always a good idea to name your cities by Coding, something that alot of experienced players do

for example i have 2 cities, one in Ocean 54 and the other in ocean 53 and i want to name them the same to confuse players to a certain degree

so i named them O53-Chaos and o54-Chaos, this helps me list my cities by ocean, make it easier for me to relay resources to cities that require it and adds that little bit more confusion to the opposition.

This is only my opinion but hope it helps


I am just a bit of a classical historian, so the use of proper names is nice...:)

Greek Islands for me, any decent player can find me however I name them, so glad to be out there. But if I get to 20-30 cities, I may well prefix them with the ocean to make things easier.


(Trick or Treat Jingle)
01 Casper Tricks
02 Casper Or
03 Casper Treats
04 Casper Wants
05 Casper Something
06 Casper Good
07 Casper To
08 Casper Eat

(Now working on Mary had a little lamb)
09 Casper Mary
10 Casper Had



hi guys and gals im slavamava

i like my city names to look good in a battle report...bruce lee is attacking petelucas5. :p


Mines 01 O44 in Tights(my city so named after my alliance)
02 O44 Raikage813 (conquered it from Raikage813)
03 O44 Dewil94 (conquered it from Dewil 94)
04 O44 TristinSentath (conquered it from TristinSentath)
05 O44 TristinSentath (conquered it from TristinSentath)
06 O44 Aaron F (conquered it from an ally)
07 O44 Silent-Assasin (conquered it from an ally who conquered the city for me)
08 O44 in Tights (founded it in the early days)

Should see a new city tomorrow XD and then in 34/43 some time later :)