Inactive Topic City View Visuals


Proposal: To add and/or change the city view visuals

Reason: Current view is lacking in content, it is quite empty

Details: To add visuals to the city view. Such visuals could be:
  • Real time seasons
  • Ships (LS, Tri, Birs, FS) as long as the current CS in the water and Troops (Mythical, Chariot, Horsemen, Other) on land
  • Paths/roads outside of the city, leading to the city gates
  • Houses outside of the city
  • Event Visuals (The current one for example could be some vases near the farm or something)
Current paths could also be made into stone roads, so more like a built up polis than just dirt paths

Visual Aids:
Balance: -

Abuse Prevention: -

Summary: To make current city view visuals better than they are currently, would make the current city view less empty


As suggested by two friends

This might slow down a player's internet and ping so there should be an option to turn it off or on in settings