Closing Zancle


Any way to just start the countdown here? Zancle is in a long downward death spiral, but it is taking so long to get to the few needed ghostings at this point, that it will be months before the countdown starts.

It's not the same at this point, people aren't really playing, they are just here. Triads and Noobs are stubborn enough that we will stick around just to see the world end. We are going to end up losing grepo players to end world boredom, meaning they won't have the heart in it to start up again, not that they will quit Zancle.

Might be better to get the countdown started, and give people a little time off before the next conquest gets going...

Just my opinion.
So what happens when a world closes? This will be the first time I've stuck around for a closure. Is one able to transfer gold, points or anything else worthwhile? If so, how?
15 days to go now.....

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
You keep your grepolisscore points you earned on a world once it closes, your remaining gold stays on your account since it is account bound, but your BP and cities don't carry over to any future world.