Combat MasterS

cool king

Hi all,

I have just started the alliance Combat MasterS in Omicron and we are recruiting new and active members in Ocean 47 or 48,49 and some other near oceans my name in there kingworld. Feel free to contact me for invitations!

ash 42

Good luck but Omicron is not a new world your going to have some trouble looking for some members not alot join a 6 month old world.

Good luck to ya though.


We just received a pact request from you with no message, that's really annoying mate. Every little alliance in the world sends random pact request to the big alliances, I doubt any of them get accepted.

You really should build your alliance up first and then send a nice message asking for diplomacy. If its agreed only then should you send a pact request. When you get random pact request 3 times a day it begins to bug you a little, so I thought I would vent a little steam in here :)